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Self Esteem

Self Esteem

Think this deserves a thread of its own.

SELF ESTEEM…belief in oneself; self respect.
SELF RESPECT…proper respect for oneself and one’s worth as a person.
SELF IMAGE….an individuals conception of himself and his own identity, abilities, worth, etc.

Self esteem comes from within. It is how you perceive your self, not how others see you. But we all receive feed back from our environment that directly affects our self image

If you feel horrible about your self because you are: fat, skinny, uneducated, misanthropic, shy, babydicked, cruel, bad hair, whatever, AND it is something you can do something about, by all means, work on improving.
If you drop those 70 extra pounds you will feel like a new person, and the world will react differently to you, that’s the feedback. Changing ourselves physically, in a way that the world can see, can have a drastic affect on our self image. We then receive constant input that we are in fact a new and different person. Also, the very process of changing and taking responsibility for oneself can have a profound affect on ones self esteem.
Engineering changes in ones personality; becoming less shy, mastering a temper, being a better parent, developing empathy, etc. Things like this, by there very nature, change our self image.

Tell little Jimmy that he is dumb enough times and he will believe you. But, tell him one time, and it still might be “true” if he dwells on it every day for the rest of his life. Once little Jimmy “knows” that it is true everything in his reality will be filtered through that preconception. Everything that happens to him will be because he is dumb. Always has been and always will be. Other guys look down on him cause he is dumb. Girls don’t like him cause he is dumb. Even if he gets a girl she will dump him once she knows that he is dumb. Jimmy can go try and get an education, but will probably sabotage himself, after all he is dumb, how can he possibly do well? Even if, by some miracle, he learns how to use his brain, he will still feel inadequate, he will still be dumb Even if he figures out that he is smart, he still “knows” subconsciously, that he doesn’t measure up, isn’t good enough, that the great bird of paradise will always find a way to shit on his head.

Sometimes: especially if we have been “inadequate” in some way for a long time, especially if we have blamed all our problems and failures on it. Just fixing what we perceive as the problem isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to work directly on our self image, our self respect.

Suppose that instead of knowing that he was dumb, little Jimmy “knew” that he had a small dick. The vast majority of guys in here that talk about low self esteem, about being shy, about being devastated by women…and blame it all on penis size… have one thing in common. A dick that, according to statistics, is normal or average.

Please, don’t forget to grow as a person, even as you are growing a bigger dick.

Hope you all continue to grow. :)

Running a Massive Co-Front.


Very well said, and so very true. If a child or an adult hears something often enough it becomes ingrained in the brain and we beleive it, even if it isn’t true.

We as a human race very often don’t feel good about ourselves. (See my post in bs forum) But usually we can change that. What is hard is changing those mental tapes so we no longer beleive them. It takes hard work and years to overcome those phrases that we heard as children. I have been working at it for over 30 years, and still they creep in. I have learned to ignore them now and tell them to piss off. If I read your post correctly, that is what you are saying.

Beleive in yourself, especially when no one else will.

sunny A day without sunshine is like a day without laughter :sun:

Self Esteem

I fully concur with all that is said and implied here. A good read for SOME of our newer members to take note of.

The mind can play funny tricks on us if we let it, after all it is only in ones mind. Self esteem is of ones own making - to hell with what other people think of you. I AM THE GREATEST and don’t you forget it. I like to think that of myself although of course I’m not but no harm done in wishful thinking :bigwink:

Health is Wealth

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Poor fucking Jimmy, stupid and a small dick.

Sorry I couldn’t help my self I agree with you 100%. I was just thinking about something along those lines, before I knew I could change the size of my mule I was very happy with my slightly bigger than regular dick than when I found the board I became obsessed with growing my dick. And I think of all the time I have spent on PE and think I could have been doing something better I could have gave that time to my family or I could have grown in my career, etc. I somehow could have grown as a person. So I think we should try not to let our life’s circle around our dicks to much. I’m not saying it’s not important it is it’s just not the answer to all our problems. As I’m maybe a month away from reaching my goal of 8x6 I realize it hasn’t solved any of my problems, sure it’s a warm fuzzy feeling to have a big dick, but that’s about it. So just don’t forget about the rest of your life.


Thx Iamaru

I have two young girls, the eldest who is 4 and going through a little difficult stage, due to a cutelittle 1-yr-old sister (as all are at that age) and newly born cousin, and the fact that I’m trying to teach her the wrongs and rights at the mo.

Sometimes I get a little angry, and maybe due to work pressure or money worries, she doen’t get all the attention she deserves.

Your timely words help me to remember that she needs my love more than anything else.

ps Poor, Jimmy; stupid and a small dick! :chuckle: ROFL



please, don`t laugh at me…21 yesrs old….in a foreign country, just finishes a relationship that I thought to be the 1 tha would hav lasted for my entire life, i found out to be not beautiful, interesting, attractive at all….and on top of it to have a…average? slightly less than average? slightly longer and thinner than average?dick…..

And I found out that MAYBE, MAybe….I can get it to be bigger…so even if I`m sleeping 4-5 hours per night cause I have to work and study I`m dedicating 2 hours a day to PE….because I know that if you are nothing as a man but you have a fucking lare dick women will say that you may not be nothing as a man……….but you have a fucking large dick….

For me peing is a very difficult task, not for it in itself, but because sometimes I feel like I need to sleep and insted I pe…but I do it as much as I can…and when I can`t I feel so bad with myself that I can`t explain…because I`ve been given the chance to chance things(I mean….do you understand how important this is?we have been convinced that our dick`s size was that and that it couldn`t be changed no matter what!!!!!)…..

I know that we need to improve the whole of our person…btu even if w just improove our dicks it WILL improove our persons…don`t you think?….well….if I could only improove my dick……

Back from the dead..

Wow you ressurrected a pretty old thread…almost a year old.

All I have to say is, too bad my main gripe is with regards to my height, and that is something I can’t do anything about.

I’m only 5’7” or so, and this whole “big dick” thing gets to my head with regards to how tall I am since the “bigger is better” assumption makes people think your height and your dick size are related.

I read through an old thread that Johan posted with a poll on height vs length of penis, and my situation seems to support the myth even though the end of his results proved it to be false.

But at any rate, the way I get around this “demotivating issue” is that I imagine how much bigger a 7 or 8 inch cock (when I ‘eventually’ make my 2 or 3 inch gains) is going to look for a short guy like me, and I’m convinced that it would probably be impressive to see an 8 incher on someone under 5’9” then an 8 incher on someone who is over 6 feet tall.

Not like I obsess about this stuff or anything but…

A 9 inch dick will be just short of reaching my belly button (yes, I have measured) As other tall guys have posted, a “normal” size unit can look small on us. Work with what you’v got.


Running a Massive Co-Front.

Women have told big guys that they’re small (just to be vicious) and it’ll still devastate the guy.

Becoming.... Godsize

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