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Seeing your doctor specifically UK

Seeing your doctor specifically UK

Hey guys. It has been a while since I posted because I’m soon having a circumcision done and feel there isn’t a great deal of pointing PE’ing then having to have a recovering break. Anyways, my question was this, if you go to your doctor and complain about your penis size, is there actually anything they can do? Also, if the key to growth is stressing the CC chambers than how come there is not type of surgery that can stress these?


I didn’t speak with my Urologist about PE but I know he does or has done penis enlargement surgery before, I think thet call it augmentation of something. What they do is cut the ligs or most of them, which gives basically the same effect as hanging lower angles but with a lot more pain, plus you need to hang after surgery for some time to ensure the ligs do not heal up.

My take on it is that it will only work for those with a high LOT, and having a high LOT means relatively easy gains anyway so hanging is preferable.

A Urologist won’t recommend natural PE (at least not officially) because it isn’t medically recognised and no one makes money from it.

Originally Posted by SS4
no one makes money from it.

Tell that to the hundreds of pay sites out there. ;)


Most urologists are strongly opposed to cosmetic phalloplasty, so the only option he’s likely to give you is a referral to a psychotherapist to help you get over your penis anxieties. The medical community does not consider normal-sized penises to be a disorder needing treatment.

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>Tell that to the hundreds of pay sites out there

I don’t know any urologists that run pay sites, there’s probably a few I suppose but not hundreds.


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