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Seeing things?

Seeing things?

Don’t really know what I expect from posting this, but it just struck me as odd. Last night while doing my routine (actually at the end of it) I noticed something different. Now I have always said that I have an upward curve, and I do, but not always. I noticed last night that during my routine I was perfectly straight. I can understand that when I clamp (I think), but even when I took the clamp off and did some erect squeezes and Ulis I was perfectly straight.

Now for the odd part. When I finish a clamp/squeeze session I usually do some edging. While I was edging I noticed that upward curve! It just strikes me as odd that I only curve when I am aroused. I mean I was at 100% erect when I was doing my routine and was straight, but as soon as I started edging, bam, the curve appeared. Am I seeing things or can this be the case?

Comments, opinions, reaming of the stupid guy who can’t see, are all welcome.


Most men curve upwards when they are fully erect. Women Like it.

I guess you we’re erect %120

Or when your erection is natural you curve, but when you clamp or squeeze it’s most likely force.

I curve a lot when I Uli or clamp.

I get the exact same thing, the trick is to put it in her when it’s hard but before it curves, then when you cum and it curves inside her it makes her scream because you get her clit big time.

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