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I’m new to this whole thing, but when you wake up in the morning and have an erection, surely it must have been hard for longer than an hour? I usually wake up with an erection everyday and it is almost always harder than normal. Isn’t this the same as ballooning? With that thought, shouldn’t I be getting a slightly bigger penis everyday-cos I’m not.

This could be because of the increased circulation when you are lying down. Gravity as a detrimental affect on circulation as everything else.

On the statements that edging/ballooning may be a PE method: this is possible as theoretically the increased blood pressure would have a similar affect as a pumping device. Though from experience, I cannot say for certain whether edging has aided growth, though I wouldn’t at all be surprised if they were of at least slight contribution.

Is edging really ‘inside-out’ jelqing?? :-k I wonder…

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