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Secret To Gains

Secret To Gains

Here is an issue that I thought I’d bring up because of its significance and relevence to PEing. It is definitely an issue that is debatable and I would invite anyone to comment on it.

The issue is, is resting the penis for a period of time after jelqing(as many of us have been taught) as beneficial as we all think it is, or is it actually detrimental to achieving gains?

On the one hand, letting the penis rest for a period of time after a jelq session seems to be the logical thing to do because you need to give the penis time to heal and rebuild itself right?

Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but jelqing creates microtears in the tunica, open gaps if you will. Yes, the penis needs time to fill in these tears with new tissue, but due to its nature, the penis will immediately begin to shrink back to its original state and the gaps will close back up before new tissue will be able to form in them. It seems to me that jelqing as often as possible and keeping the tunica in its expanded state will allow the time that is needed for the tears to repair themselves and , most importantly, time to keep these “gaps” open long enough for cells to grow in its place.

I hope this makes sense.

Some think that all you need is 8-12 hours to recooperate. That’s DLD’s thought on PE. He has made some awsome gains.

Would pumping be beneficial for this?

Youre going to hear a lot of mixed views on this because, all theories aside, the truth is that nobody here or anywhere is really 100% sure. Some say the more you stretch the better. Some say “5 on 2 off”, some say “7 days a week is best”, some say “2 on, one off”…etc, etc. I personally believe that more IS more on stretching and possibly with girth work too. I think the best answer you might get will be something like “well, it depends”. You’ll really just have to determine what on day/off day schedule is best for you and your body.

I’m one of the rest is good for girth guys and work work work is good for length guys, your going to have try it both ways to see what works for you

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