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Secjay progress + layoff

Secjay progress + layoff

OK Dudes, here is my current progress story:

I have been working exclusively on girth for ages and ages. DLD recommended me a routin a few months back and I stuck to it pretty well for a few months. ..

I also tried building a home made pump (next to useless)

I then read about the uli thing and decided to go out and build one that very day. I also made a big rice sock.

After maybe half a dozen sessions with it, I finally went overboard and pushed my limits way too far.

At first it was really bad dark purple bruising covering the underside and mostly the left side of the shaft, from where the thing started all the way up to under the head. That’s alot of bruising. They were puffy too and a bit sore. :'

I lay off a few days.
By the next day, the bruises had gone from puffy/purple, to red/small lumps. over the next few days these red lumps turned to scabs!
Now a few days later, the scabs are all gone and it looks a little bit pinker, like scar tissue on the skin surface or something. Still a little sore, still healing.


This is an example of how even the most hardcore vet can go overboard without being careful. It also demonstrates the power of the great uli!

hail the thing!

I measured today (about a week no PE) and I seem to have gained about 1/10th of an inch girth! incredible I thought!

So here are my stats as of 5 minutes ago:

* BPFSL: 25cm (9.84”)
* EG(midshaft): 14.6cm (5.75”)
* EG(just under the head): 14cm (5.5”)


I’m going to go update my database page, then I’m starting on an extended break. Why? You may ask… Well:

* I want this injury to completely heal :!:
* I don’t have much time over the next few weeks :(
* After several years without an extended break, it’s no wonder gains are so hard to come by! :monty:

I was thinking 1 month minimum. Any other suggestions/experience with extended breaks anyone?

P.S: apologies to DLD for not sticking exclusively to his routine, and measuring almost a week early :( Don’t worry, when I start back up, yours will be the base for my work :)

-Happy Secjay

Seems reasonable my friend. I suggest that you take a month minimum off, maybe 6 weeks off tops and reattack the goal at hand after a restorative sabbatical.

You obviously have a girlfriend who you could spend some quality time with. So enjoy it.

I really think you need a break cause of your weird Bib Dream. You certainly aren’t small by either standard. So take the time to reflect on a new and exciting way. I wouldn’t want to burn out and totally become disenchanted with PE.

Everyone needs a vacation in some form or another eventually. Go play with your girlfriend. Have fun and you’ll find it was the best thing for you. Then refreashed and renewed you can come back with a vengenge for your sequel.

“You see, I don’t want to do good things, I want to do great things.” ~Alexander Joseph Luthor

I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

OUch man. I’ve been there before…to a MUCH less degree though. I was doing some very intense two handed squeezes (like the Horse440…where IS that guy anyway??) and I felt this GREAT stretch from the inside. My skin was stretching too. Next day I had several red spots the diameter of regular pencil erasers on my shaft. Still “nice” and puffy. A day later I had several small patches on my shaft that were covered with these little red bumps, and very dry and scaley…itched like a motherfucker too! So yes, newbies or vets….anyone can take it too far. It’s a blessing to mess up and be able to take time off and then recover to go at it again.

Thanks for the feedback guys, much appreciated.

I was planning on spending my time off from PE, improving on other things;
kegals mainly. Work on staying power and techniques…

I am pretty sure I am so close to making my girl cum via my fingers, and it’ll be another great stepping stone when that happens.

I tried licking with a finger inside, just to ‘bridge’ the gap between clitoral and vaginal stimulation. I think that helped too…

Anyways. Thanks again for the support!

hail the thing!

I measured today (about a week no PE) and I seem to have gained about 1/10th of an inch girth! incredible I thought!

Sorry about the injury, but the gain is great news! The Thing is a mean SOB. I’ve been pushing pretty hard with it myself recently. I’d be thrilled to get even a 1/16” in girth, as mine hasn’t budged in many months.


Hey Bro I hope you feel better, when you start again I find that you get more girth by doing less. Do 5 on 2 off .5 workouts a day, all full erect exercises. I got a half inch girth gain this way. When I was working it 7 days a week for up to two hour a day I got no girth gains at all except by the base and this was due to the bib hanger. Well enjoy your time off I hope your still going to come by and post because I enjoy your input.


yeah no problems Dino, I’ll still be around on the forum, and I’ll still perform my moderator duties (as disgusting as some of them may be) :D

Thanks for the tip…. Are you sure, 5 workouts per day or is that a typo?

I was thinking maybe 3 sets of 10 minuites in the thing, with some manual jelq to warm up, and some uli/squeezes afterwards… each set spread out over the day when I can do that. 3 on, 2 off.

I’m wondering too. 5 workouts a day!?

I’m currently trying 2 intense days on, then several days off for rest, recuperation and growth. I’m attaching the Thing at the very base, trying to inflate as much of the shaft as possible. It’s too early yet to tell if it’s working.

I measured my girth during my last set of extreme Ulis today, and it was 11/16” over my normal erect girth. Part of that was fluid build-up from pumping (I’m alternating pumping sets with X-Ulis), but most was real internal expansion. Sec, Is this what you’ve been getting from using the Thing?

Yes thats pretty spot on Hob..

A massive swell everywhere. Although, I do think that most of it is simply skin bloat, there has to be at least some actual expansion of the tissues we’re trying to hit.

I think I have actually grown some excess shaft skin from this. There are now “rolls” of the stuff when I retract it! Weird/cool.

I was pretty swollen the other night before I got bruised up, at over 6” girth, I gave it to my girlfriend and it was tight as anything. Fanbloodytastic! That’s what I have to look forward to in a 1/4” inch time :D excellent motivation to get there eh?

Nice gains Sec, injuries are brutal but I’m starting to think that at some time or another they are inevitable. As long as everything is functional its all good. Might as well put a smile on your womans face and put the fruit of your labor to good use! Consider it a vacation instead of a break, time for you to get in plenty of “R&R”

FUCK, sorry guys that’s 5 days a week. I should not type while I’m sleeping anymore. 30 minute workouts.

Secjay, I have learned some of my best PE Lessons when I injure myself. I think most vets have been there and have learned from there mistakes. You know I’m always here for you…so whenever your ready to jump back you have my 110% support. Take things easy during your break…Relax..and mentally prepare for the beating you will get when you return to the grind.:)

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