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Scrotum holdback

Scrotum holdback

Hey, what do you guys use to hold back the balls, scrotum, and extra skin when peing?

Started: Bpel 7 mseg 4.5

Current: Bpel 7.5 mseg 4.75

Goal: at least 8.5X6.5

The other hand.

Hi Big Bori

I had exactly the same issue.

When jelqing I was finding it hard to prevent the skin etc from being pulled up - and stretched. So I devised a method to avoid this. Initially - using hands only - when begining the upward stoke with one hand I would take a grip with my other hand to keep the skin etc from pulling - alternating with each hand. This was tricky and didn’t always work well.

Instead I now use the following -

I found a store selling Copper bracelets - in fact the one I bought is a magnetic one. A simple, plain bracelet with no edges or design aspect which would cause irritation. Like this -…racelet&osCsid=

Although the one I actualy bought was a simple ‘ring’ type design - ie was not flattened in any way. More like this (without the balls) -…&tbnw=111&prev=

….. click the google image link at the top.

I bent/adjusted it to fit my base girth.

Then I bought a Spectacle neck cord, like this (centre piece removed) -…type=T&cat=2277

The cord I bought stretches to a degree.

I attached the cord to the bracelet and basically then step in to the ‘loop’ of the cord and place the bracelet over my unit. Position the cord either behind the buttocks or lower, on the upper thigh. Then sit down.

Before, if neccessary, adjust the cord by tying a ‘loop’ into it to take up any slack.

Simply make sure the diameter of the bracelet fits (or can be adjusted to fit), and the cord has the right length for you to work with.

The ring then replaces the need for you to use your ‘other’ hand to prevent skin etc moving/being pulled.

It works great for me!! I was able to preform a very effective jelq! Also, remember to buy items with no ‘edges’ or parts that could cause friction and rubbing.

Let me know how you get on.

In fact, I was going to start a thread on this idea, but I’m having problems posting with my browser, will try it now again so you might see this post again.


I seen something else on a member. It looked like a strap that long enough to keep the balls away and strecthed.

Started: Bpel 7 mseg 4.5

Current: Bpel 7.5 mseg 4.75

Goal: at least 8.5X6.5

jelq dry

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