Scientific Perfect Penis Length

See if you can recognize this scientist from his work.

He says the perfect penis size is 6.75 inches.

Coincidentally, he has a 6.75 inch penis himself, but don’t get suspicious yet, because he’s married.

Now, granted 6.75 inches may fit every vagina, as far as we Lay Men know, but the good doctor (PhD) tells us that lots of women have shorter vaginas than others. May we assume that some women have longer vaginas than others?

We unthorough, uncontrolled Lay Men experimenters reckon by Seat of the Pants and Back of the Sanitary Napkin scribbling, that vaginal volume is a function of length times girth, give or take a pi or two as we are wont, or wanton, as the case may be. But Dr. L** says nothing about girth or volume that I can see. It’s just one vagina fits all, some shorter than others and don’t fit, but if they’re healthy, they fit exactly 6.75”.

What’s his angle? No, not that angle, I mean is he giving lessons? He does not say so, he only says he’s happily married, and you can hear that on audio recordings.

Anybody want a PhD? All you have to do is bring in girth and volume, and be thorough. Be sure to record your stroke frequency, and submit proof of orgasms. But your stroke frequency has to be 1.4 cps, or the girth thing could be lost in the shuffle. The academic establishment probably can’t handle too much change in one cumshot, so to speak, so focus on widening the girth to expand the volume of their minds.