I’am fairly new to PE, about 2 months now. So far I’ve grown about .25 in. my measurements are 7x5.

I keep reading about schedules, some people use:
1 day on 1 day off
2 days on 1 day off
3 days on 1 day off
5 days on 2 day off
6 days on 1 day off
Some people use the 1 week off every month along with weekends off. I guess I’am confused about what schedule I should be using? So far I powerjelk and use the JAI stretches. I like PE and no more women are going to tell me that I’am small. I want to get max length and girth as quickly as possible.

You guy’s are great!!! I’ve read all your posts and have learned a lot plus got motivated. We’re all in this together and we all want bigger cocks. Now, how to do it as quickly as possible.

Thanks guys for your help…montana