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sceptical and pessimistic


LOL, man, you guys are funny!!! :homer2:

Pain GOOD! Beer GOOD! DOWWWWWWW! :homer2:

First,thanks guys for many advices.

Do a lot of reading in the newbie forum and in main member forum.
J am member thundersplace 1 year, j do a lot of reading
Answer on questions.(rakishly)
Do you drink alot of water?
Do you use heat wraps?
Always,before and after
Do you consume too much vitamin C?
Have you been on a diet?
Do you smoke?
Have you considered pulling harder on your stretches?
J stretch hard(1min)
Have you tried multiple sessions per day?
How old are you?

Little confused
Pain= good
What is good.

Bib uses the word fatigue to describe the appropriate target. I think its a good one. The penis isn’t a muscle but so it doesn’t get fatigued the same way a muscle does. It fatigues more like rubber and steel.

But the generalized mild soreness in the ligament and tunica areas are probably a sign that you are doing productive PE. Kind of like a muscle feels “burny” after its been worked hard. This is because a cascade of chemicals has been released generally to the area as a result of damaged cells. Some guys might call this pain. I’d consider this the yellow-light area that you should achieve occasionally. With experience you might even push into this area every time you PE. But it also means you’ve approached the red area.

Sharp pains that are localized, that you can actually feel a specific point from which the pain emanates means you’ve gone too far. You’ve been close to injury. You may have also created a weak point that can get much worse with even less stress than you’re used to.

So there are varying levels of pain. No burning sensation and you can’t be sure you’ve pushed into the effective stress range. Occasionally dull burning (similar to lactic acid burning in muscle) and you can be sure you’ve been causing cell damage, which is what we’re after. Sharp pains and point tenderness (hurts when you touch it) and you’ve probably gone too far and you need some recovery.

Given that we can vary, some guy’s yellow zones are pretty broad and others’ might be just shy of injury. You need to approach PE slowly enough that you locate your yellow zone well before you inadvertently go red. And you can’t be sure you have a broad yellow Zone or a narrow one.

That’s my description any way. The word “pain” is too general.

All that said. I found a link that had an equation on the failure points of ligaments. A ligament with a 5mm cross section has a failure weight under slow application of that weight of over 200 lbs. We hear of injuries here semi-frequently but never about guys tearing a lig or ripping open the tunica itself. That still doesn’t mean that relatively low stress can’t damage sheaths that surround ligaments and collagen, nerves and blood vessels enough to cause real trauma and lasting functional effects. In short PE is relatively safe from “ripping your dick off” or “making it explode” but you can hurt yourself and your ability to fuck for months.

Soreness is fine but pain is your body saying STOP!

I think Rakishly hit the nail on the head. So to speak. :)

Thanks for such a great post Rakishly!


Going for 7.5X6, then 8.5X6.5, then who knows. Girth Brooks - "Didn't get any real gains until I started shutting my cock in a car door and then falling back."


Definitely don’t give up!!!

I found PE about 2 years ago, and tired something like manual stretch, jelq and power jelq for months, then stopped because no gains at all. I restarted in last October after getting more information from Thundersplace and PEforum. Then I realized that what I thought I did correctly was actually not correct, also I found you can’t just follow others’ routines, but you really have to find one suitable to yourself. Since then, I’ve got nearly 1” BPEL and 0.5” EG solid gains.

PE works, from my own experience and from experiences of so many other members here in Thundersplace!

You have been to a right place with a lot of kind people who would like to share their knowledge and help you. Don’t give up, and keep learning and doing, you will achieve your dream!

Good luck!

Seriously, I have been in this only a few months and am taking it very slowly. I go every other day but feel my cock before I start to see if it is sore or not. I am learning to tell when it needs to heal longer. This may be overly cautious but it seems right to me. Trying to let willy talk back to me. :)

Maybe this is a crossover philosophy from bodybuilding; overtraining = regression of progress and chance of injury. In my bodybuilding I have adopted the once a week per part routine. I hit it real hard but it gets time to heal. It seems to be working and I have more energy for living, not drug out. Being 54, I need extra time to heal anyway.

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Thanks guys for encourage.

Maybe j do multiple sessions or 1-1,30 hour downward medium manual stretches.

My LOT is 8.

Could you explain just a little bit clearer what you mean by a 1-1 and 30 hour downward stretch?

Doing downward stretches in increments is alright. You might want to recheck that time over, though!

I am building a Canadian Maple for the lovely!


I am in the same boat not nearly as long though, the only thing is hang in there and give it a shot, have you tried hanging?


Could you explain just a little bit clearer what you mean by a 1-1 and 30 hour downward stretch?
1hour up to 1hour30min,1min each stretch or split in two sessions .

Have you tried hanging?(Rolo)
So far,no.


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