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Scar Tissue


Scar Tissue

Just logged my 100th hour with the Autoextender, and while I was testing out my “new” erection, I felt something inside my shaft that felt like a rib.
I know what “shaft-ribs” are, and to me this might be an indication of some unexpected girth gains, however, what if it isn’t a rib? What if it’s some other kind of damage I might be doing to my cock?

How can you tell the difference?

It’s about upper mid-shaft on my left side, maybe 1” or 1.5” below my head, and it’s probably as thick as a dime.
Any of you have any experience with something like this, and could you let me know what you think it might be?

Well, Thorne, I’m not sure, but it’s probably scar tissue. Any pain associated with this “rib”?


These are new to me as well. Of course, it seems to be a healthy sign of jelqing, along with the harder erections.

Why was this moved? I always considered extending an extension of hanging. That’s why I put it in the Hanger’s Forum.

Anyway, I was wrong before. The “rib” that I thought was a rib is probably scar tissue, but it’s formed OVER an already existing shaft rib that I have. When I first felt it, it just made my rib feel more prominent than before, which is why I thought I might be getting girth gains.

Silly me.

How do you know if it’s scar tissue, or not, and what can be done to get rid of it.

And yeah, there’s a very very slight pain associated with it, but it’s on par with a good hanging session.
More like a dull ache than a real “pain”.

It’s normal I have had them for years, they first appeared when I was only jelqing

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Originally Posted by ThunderSS
I moved it, I don’t consider extenders, hangers.

Why don’t you?
I didn’t say extenders = hangers. I said that they’re an extension of hanging because they basically work by the same principle of traction, force, weight (lbs. & grams), etc.
Consider broadening the content of the Hangers Forum to include extenders as well, so that Extender topics won’t get lost in Main.

I wish I could edit the subject title to “Scar Tissue”, because I want to clarify now that the “rib” is more than likely scar tissue.

You can’t edit the title but I can :)

The way you describe it I think you’re right about it being scar tissue. You probably should take a break from PE and make sure to not cause any more scar tissue when you start again.

Good luck with healing.

Okay the scar that I originally mentioned doesn’t concern me so much now because it’s virtually invisible compared to this newer and larger scar that’s seemed to have formed over the past couple of days.
Pretty big, and pretty noticeable.
Slightly painful, but not much.
Trying to find some info on scar tissue treatment for scars below the surface of the skin, but no such luck yet except for “massage therapy”.
Anyone have any info on what I should do for it during healing?

Also, I don’t know what this is, but I’ll try to explain it.

The base of my cock, on the left side, is either swollen or it’s some uneven base girth gain.
I’m not sure which it is. I’m guessing it’s swollen, but I can’t figure out how or why.
I haven’t been using full tension that much on the Extender, so I can’t understand why I’m getting scars and swelling.
I’ve jelqed, hung, pumped, clamped over the years - so these injuries are pretty shocking (and incredibly frustrating/aggravating) to me.

I know I should take time off, but (total newbie mentality here) I don’t want to give up when I’m already 1/10th of the way to 1000 hours.

It could be a thrombosed vein. These things can get pretty hard and prominent, and not necessarily visible. I don’t think scar tissue could form that fast, and if you did develop scar tissue it would be a result of a fairly severe and probably painful injury (at least this is what makes sense to me).

No. It’s appearance isn’t consistent with the definition of a thrombosed vein.
The scar tissue is (definitely) scar tissue, and the swelling is just…well, I’m not sure, but I know it’s not a thrombosed vein.

I’ve been calling doctors and pharmacies asking them what can be done for internal scar tissue, and they’ve all said the same thing: Surgery.

So, if surgery’s the only thing that can be done for it, then I guess I can keep extending (safely) for 878 more hours.

How about trying another form of PE if this one is causing you trouble.

I’ve done manual. I’ve done hanging/stretching. I’ve done pumping.
None have really worked for me.

What other form is there?

Lighten up on all forms of PE and expierment but be safe. This is helping me me. One thing I’ve personally learned from overtraining so many times in all forms of PE except pumping is that you really need to look closley for PI’s (read sparkyx’s thread here on PI’s if you don’t know what that is) in any form of PE. You want to get as many postive PI’s as possible with any form of PE. If you find anything positve with a new form of PE you continue doing that until you feel the work is not benificial anymore (i.e. you’ve conditioned too that stress completely). Conditioning which I did not fully believe in at first in PE is a real thing. And don’t let it hit your ego that you can’t hang heavy weights, erect jelq, or pump at high vacuum levels. The smart thing to do is too find the perfect balance for you personally and condition yourself slowly for max gains it seems.

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