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Scar tissue?

Scar tissue?

Several weeks ago, I stretched in a horrible way which brought lots of red-purple dots on my penis. Some of the blood vessels that burst rose too high into the surface of the penis aswell. Now, some of the tisue in that area looks kinda scarred and whenever I stretch too intensely they pop out in that same area. Is there any way to fix this? My penis is darker aswell and you can see a borderline in the foreskin of extremely dark skin and lighter skin when I retract my foreskin. I’m afraid I’m destroying my penis and I wan’t it to stop. I haven’t gained anything from PE so I’d love to get rid of these marks fast.

Would Cocoa butter cream or whatever it is work? I haven’t gained anything from PE yet and I don’t want to walk away from it only gaining damage to my penis.

I am no expert, but a similar thing happened to me. I just kept it clean with alcohol, took it easy for a couple days, and it went away in a week.

“I’m afraid I’m destroying my penis and I want it to stop”

This is not what PE should be about, you are trying to make your dick bigger, not destroying it right? :)
I f I were you I would take it easy for a while to let things heal. Just take a break until things look neat and tidy down there again. And remember to apply heat wraps to stimulate blood flow. When things start to look better again, ease yourself into a routine and chill on the intensity until you find a level of intensity that works for you.

Also, I would not recommend using alcohol on your dick since the skin, especially on the head and the area below it, have a rather sensitive bacterial culture. Alcohol might make things to dry or perhaps give you a rash or something like that. Just keep it clean with water and some soap for sensitive skin.

Hope you heal quickly.

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