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scar tissue

scar tissue

I had penile lengthening surgery 10 years ago. Stupid mistake made before I knew about enlargement programs. I didn’t need it and at that time had a 8 3/4 inch erection. I was going for the John Holmes Hail Mary Pass and ofcourse it backfired. The scarring from the cut of my suspensory ligament ended up shortening my erection to 8 1/4. My question to all of you is can I stretch this scar out and then proceed with the original goal of increasing the actual size. I am power jelqing now, doing blasters and just ordered a Bib Hanger. I want to make this a project for the coming year. I also pump every other day now and it increases my girth nicely for the following 2 days afterward. Do these girth increases ever become permanent as is claimed by pumpers or is that just alot of hooey. I am new to this site so any feedback is welcome. I had derma grafts done as well 10 years back. I do not recommend anyone doing that though it worked for me and increased my circumference immediately by 1 to 1 1/4 inches. I am hoping that since the grafts were taken from my buttock creases that they will adapt to stretching and growing as well. Anyone with experience with this?Probably not. best to all, JelkyWadHolmes

Stretching/hanging should benefit you as it does others - regardless of the surgery. The scar tissue, however, might make length gains a little tougher, because the scar tissue tends to be tigher, less flexible than regular healthy tissue.

Had 8.75” & went under the knife?

Damn, dude, what were you thinking?

I wonder how many other guys in this world went under the knife in order to become more like Mr. Wad?

Is there proof somewhere of how large he really was, or is all we have to go by, what the porn ads told us he was?

By the way, good luck on your gains JelkyWad.


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If you mean John Holmes i would say 9-10 inches probably. I dont know why you had surgery man. You could have hanged weights and probably gotten to 10-11 inches easy since your already so long :-)

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Thanks guys. My whole point is that this business is all relative and penis size is unfortunately alot like money. You always want more. I was raised up on JohnnyWad and I beleive he was about 9 3/4 but very thick. They said he was 14 which was all hype. I spoke with a dermatologist yesterday who said that scars can be softened with cortisone shots but I don’t want to mess with that down there and will just stick with jelqing,manual stretching and when it comes, the Bib Hanger. Any of you had any luck with the Penimaster or other stretching devices that are based on the principle of all day long stretching at lower intensity levels? Has anyone compared gains of longer hours at lower intensities versus shorter periods with heavy weights? I knew a guy back 10 years ago who sold a device to hang in all night long from a prone position in bed. I’m surprised no one talks about this on this site. You had to tape it on but it created a significant pull hanging out over the edge of your bed from a string and you didn’t need to check it every 20 minutes. Made sleep sometimes uncomfortable though. best to all, JelkyWad

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