“Blaming your insecurities on the “bitches” is not the way to go and you are not helping guys by doing this. If you feel the need to “save your pride” this just shows insecurity and a lack of self esteem. Instead channel that energy into improving your self as a person, not just improving the size of your pud”

Well said iamaru

People in general can be vary cruel in their statements and the effect can hang with a person for life. The only way to get over statements is to accept yourself as you are and make the best of what you have. We all can improve but the best improvement comes from within. From my conversations with women over the years most would rather have a good lover no matter what his size is than a poor lover that is hung. But they also said size is nice to a point but quality over quantity. This is where Thunders and all the men and women here help. Just make yourself the best you can both mentally and physically.

As for any woman who would make a bad remark to a man about his size she is not worth wasting your time on and reminds me of an old joke ——————————————————————————————————- as the woman looked down on his cock and asked “who do you think you are going to please with that”? He just put a smile on his face and calmly said “ME”!

Then a true story ————— when I was around 18 a gal made a comment to a friend of mine if he thought he could fill her up and he just laughed and said “sure I can, I will give you all I have and fill the rest with newspaper”

To satisfy a woman you must be satisfied in your heart and the rest will take care of itself. Then go to Thunders and make it bigger and better.

Have a good day —————————Necogy

I do not give anyone permission to take my joy, happiness, and good mood from me!