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Sample Routines

Sample Routines

I’m starting two threads. One for actual routines, and one for discussion of routines. This thread should only have routines. If you have questions or thoughts about someone’s routine, post it over in the Sample Routines — Discussion thread.

To start, my current routine:


My core routine is still basically the one I created for myself way back in the day, the couch potato routine.

Behind the leg (a.k.a. manual BTC) stretch: 3X in each hand for a total of 6X each held for 5 minutes each.
I do these while lying down on the couch watching TV or reading.

Inverted V, pipe assisted stretches: 3X held for three minutes each.

Deep tugs: 3X at 30 seconds each.
grab firmly around base with one or two hands and tug hard straight up or out while bending at the waist. You should feel it way deep behind the balls and sometimes all the way down to the anus. I don’t know what this does, but I do it just because something is getting stretched and it feels good.

I do lots of other stretching throughout the day and week but these are the stretches I do with the greatest consistency and consciousness.


Two handed Horse squeezes: 10X for at least 30 seconds each
With a 90% erection do a very tight OK grip as far down the base as possible. Relax for a moment and kegel. Regrip. Then take other hand and grab very tightly just below the glans, swelling the head and compressing the shaft. Rinse and repeat.

Cable clamp assisted squeezes: 4X for six minutes each. (Similar to above)
Wrap base. (I use a terry cloth wrist sweat band.) Get a decent erection and clamp the cable clamp tightly around base as far down as possible. Squeeze with other hand as done above, resting for 30 seconds or so between really intense compressions.

Cable clamp assisted jelq: 4X for six minutes each.
I combine the squeezes described above with jelqing. In between squeezing I jelq the cable clamp up and down the shaft as I compress from above with the other hand. To make things interesting I shift the position of the clamp from one rep to the next, so that sometimes it hits the sides of the shaft and sometimes the top and bottom.

Overhand Uli Squeezes: 10X for 30 seconds at a time every time I whack off.
With 80 to 100% erection, make a very tight OK grip as far down the base and into the abdomen as possible. Hold the grip while closing the rest of the hand around the shaft, making that sucka as chubby as possible. Hold it as long as you comfortably can.

Double Grip Bend: 5X or more for 30 seconds at a time everytime I jerk off
With a 70 to 100 percent erection, grab at the base with an under hand okay grip, where the thumb is over the top of the penis where the ligaments go into the the abdomen. Kegel, then grip around the base very tightly, while pushing the thumb hard into the ligaments.

Next, take the other hand and grip tightly around the shaft just below the glans, ballooning the head.

Then bend the shaft towards the body and over the thumb that’s pushing down hard into the ligs. Compress or pull the shaft to add to the intensity. It hits everything simultaneously: the head gets very ballooned, the shaft gets fat, and the ligs get stretched a little.

All these girth exercises are potentially dangerous and should be done with extreme care.

No, I don’t do all this stuff every day. I do it as often as I can. Cumulatively, I probably get in at least three full sessions a week.

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My current routine.


At least 3 hours in Penimaster, + 20 minutes of A-stretches and BTC stretches held for 1 minute each while giving it a pulsating JAI type movement (done every day)


Manual girth routine triple set. Hold ULI for 30 seconds, go directly into Horse Squeeze for 30 seconds, then do a Slow Squash Jelq for 30 seconds. Wet jeqs done in between triple sets. Repeat for 1 hour or until desired fatness is achieved (done 6 days a week) Aim for 3/8 to 1/2 expansion measured post workout.

Currently manual tunica work
5x30 sec stretches sitting down (at all follwing angles)
-Straight up, fulrcum sraight up, up to left, up to the right, straight out, out to the left, out to the right
5x30 sec stretches laying down
- Straight up (2 sets), up to left, up to right
2 sets DLD blasters straight up
1 set DLD staight up to left
1 set DLD straight up to right

No girth routine right now

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