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Sample Routines -- Discussion

Sample Routines -- Discussion

This is the place to post questions about routines, so the Sample Routine thread doesn’t get clogged up with too much witty banter. That thread should just be routines, so a guy can scroll through and get ideas for his own routine.

To keep that thread reasonably clean, if you post a routine and you want to edit or add to it after the ten minute rule, tell a mod or post your changes here and one of us will go into your original post and tweak it accordingly.

Thanks for sharing.

Sample Routines

And how have your results been?

I don’t think I hold any stretches beyond 40 seconds and I see that you do the inverted V for 3 mins. I can probably go longer but never thought of pushing it harder but maybe I could.

I think I’ve gained about an inch and a half length-wise, and three quarters of an inch in girth. I don’t measure girth anymore. I go by looks and proportion. It looks pretty good.

I hold the inverted V so long by using a pipe and bracing my wrist against my thigh. As long as my hand can keep a grip I can maintain the stretch. I do it so long because I think it provides a sustained pull analogous to hanging. I keep the stretch at least 60% intensity all the time, and tug really hard and direct for about 30 seconds at at time.

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