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Sad news - no gains after one year of PE

Don’t get discouraged man. PE takes years to get any permanent results. Its like trying to lose weight and then weighing yourself everyday. You wont see any difference. Ive been PE’ing for 4 years man and I only have a half an inch length and width of permanent gain to account for. But I know its working. Slower than a slug but working.

Throughout my 4 years of PE Ive switched it up from the newbie routine to the JES, to pumping and clamping, to hanging, back to JES, back to pumping and clamping and on. Sometimes it feels futile man, but it will work you just gotta keep trying new ways to do it! That, and your attitude has a lot to do with it! Think positive. Good luck.

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My friend, try to include in your routine the DLD blaster. Do two set of them, after a good warm up. Add this to your original routine. (Total time around 60 min)
Always check your BPFSL measure every day at the end of your routine, just to know if you really did a good work. Then wear an ADS, minimum 3 hours. You can do the swim-cap ADS or buy a vacuum model.

With this strategy I overcome a plateau in 18,5 cm BPFSL and reached 20,1 cm BPFSL. Then lost when I stop one month, and now in 19,5 BPFSL.
Consistence is the key.

How much do you hang (weight, time, angle) and when did you start?

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Originally Posted by UpTo7
How much do you hang (weight, time, angle) and when did you start?

I hung 10 pounds on bowflex for around 10 minutes for up angle, down angle and straight out. but i have since then stopped for a bit.

anyone’s got any good clamping routines?

I’m stuck at around 6.25 but i feel like my girth is increasing a little, i’m really looking forward to something new, perhaps clamping.

0,25cm of length in less that a year is absolutely fine.

My gaining pace is no faster than yours.

It takes time and devotion.

Originally Posted by beenie169
Do not let it get you down, just switch up the routine like everyone is saying. Out of interest, so you have a cord running up the middle of your penis on the top side of it like discussed in this thread ? http://www.


I have this cord running from the glans right down the middle of my dick like an “I” or “T” beam very thick, very strong, like an Achilles tendon maybe thicker and It runs all the way down to the pubic bone AND KEEPS GOING - it goes all the way under and past the pubic bone and disappears somewhere into the pelvic bones where I guess the penis originates.


I cannot hang because the weight and compressive pressure required to do anything to the cord to be effective is far in excess of what the soft tissues can take - I have injuries from this.

PE has been .. Its been horrible. No !King gains in 10 years. I hate my dick. I hate HATE HATE HATE my genetics.

My penis is so “corded” that it even hangs weird flaccid - it doesn’t hang straight down because it can’t because the cord is too short - the underside of my dick is more soft and meaty than the tough fibrous top and midline.

I have ZERO gains and MULTIPLE injuries where I discovered 101 ways which don’t work.

The problem is this: THE CORD.

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Addendum to the above.

Anyone with ideas or similar experiences please also PM me if you can as well as your post reply here (or if you have questions for me).

It is my thought that a minority of men have the “cord” and of those who do there is a varying degree of “cordedness” ranging from mild to extreme. In judging from
What I have read over the years and discovered mine is not only corded but exceptionally so.

I also believe that the cord is associated more frequently with PEYRONIES (the possibility to acquire this dis-ease) and dupuytren’s contracture in the family line.

Some men can gain so easily it makes me so sick - sick and hateful at my body.

Also - to hell with the sites stupid spell check and denying me to post no matter how many times I input CONTRACTURE as manual input. What a joke.

And this was the thread where you chose to lay it all out……huh….do yourself a favour and maybe start a new one?

And calm the fuck down would you, EDIT; please.;) Your writing sounds stressed as hell.

We have the pretty much same member size, and almost the same story. I also tried 2X 3 months of PE without any gains, but with my new modified routine I’ve gained very close to 1 cm in girth in a little over a month! Just keep experimenting until you find a working routine for you. For me Uli’s were a savior.

Do you do all the afformentioned exercises each time you PE? Meaning, each PE day do you do:

100 stretched kegels
stretch in every direction for about 30sec- 1 min
20 mins of jelqing
2 sets of sadsak slinkys
Hanging with bowflex
and also sometimes your anchorweight ADS?

All in the same day? If so, I would think that this might be overkill, and that maybe you could try cutting some of this out and focusing on just a few aspects. At this point, one year deep with little to no gains, I’d recommend focusing most if not all of your attention on hanging. I’d also invest in a proper hanger, such as a Vac ADS, Bib, The Grip System, LG Hanger, etc.
There’s a guy here named ‘Sophomoric’, do a search for threads he has made. He initially thought PE was complete bullshit because he tried practically everything with solid dedication and a lot of time invested. Finally, he made a thread where he actually made real gains because he switched to dedicated hanging (I think he gained a half inch from this initally). He couldn’t believe it, and to me it was very inspiring to read of an extreme skeptic turned believer. I mean this guy was literally making threads that were carefully arguing the concept of PE, and some of his points were actually pretty good ones (lots of people taking innacurate starting measurements, peoples before/after pictures being of poor quality and inconclusive, people straight up bullshitting their stats, etc etc). To see this guy come back 100% certain that he had gained a significant amount, was amazing. Do a search of his threads, I’m sure it will inspire you.

My next question would be, how many off/rest days do you have per week, usually?

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Originally Posted by Vikingwhore
And calm the fuck down would you, EDIT; please.;) Your writing sounds stressed as hell.

his writing made me stressed as hell! I sure hope you gain for all of our sakes! I hate to see threads like this! (see my post above please)

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Originally Posted by TheGreatDivider

dchz hasn’t been on TP since 2011.

Actually, last time he has been on TP was 19-02-2013.


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