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sac lengthing

sac lengthing

I’ve perused the forum looking for a homemade ball stretcher, but only found part of what I need. I see that steel rings can be had from Lowes, but how can they be secured from falling? The pumptoys kit has the silicone retaining ring and I was hoping someone came up with a homemade solution. Any ideas?

As well, isn’t their a distinct difference between ball stretching and ball hanging? Both achieve the same goal, but it seems results would be faster with a weighted “hang” vice a leather-type closure device. Any thoughts?


You can easily stretch out your sac from just using the basic ok grip above the testicle sac and gently stretching your sac downward. Do this every day for just a few minutes, and you’ll get results. It worked for me. Of course, if you want to experiment with rings and ball hangers, you can do that too.


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Go to this thread and search in it for “baby sock”.

Lets use a little caution as we’re violating a bodily function here that is used to regulate testies temperature conditions. The scrotum acts to regulate testies temperature by drawing up when cold and relaxing when hot. Sperm need this regulation to maintain health. If you create more skin then is necessary by stretching, your asking that extra skin to bunch up more then it may be capable of. That could in effect decrease sperm count and viability.

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