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Standard Penile Erection Recording Methodology

The contributors of this RFC have noted that significant disparities exist between claimed and verified penile erection measurements.

In order to reduce the amount of variance attributed to differences in technique, the authors propose the following methodology be adopted as the standard means of reproducibly determining penile size.

1) The penis should be measured only when fully erect.

2) The penis be measured by a disinterested, but qualified, second party. Disinterest is key to avoiding optimistic interpretations of the measurements. Qualifications should include adequate visiual acuity and an understanding of the differences between the metric and standard systems of measurement.

3) The subject should be standing.

4) The penis should be positioned to be exactly parallel to the floor, forming roughly a 90 degree angle from the subject.

5) The penis is to be measured by laying a ruler lengthwise along the penis, which has been positioned gently against the subject’s body at the base of the penis so as not to deform or indent the subject’s flesh in any fashion. This ruler should have high-contrast markings to reduce misinterpretations.

6) The length is measured at the very tip of the subject’s penis, by dropping a plumb line in front of it and determining where this line intersects the ruler.

7) Ideally, the measurement is verified and witnessed by a third party.

8 ) The measurement should immediately be recorded, paying special attention to including the correct units of measurements. This avoids accidental “centimeters-to-inches” errors later.

1) The preferred instrument for measuring width is a cloth tailor’s measure.

2) Again, the penis should be fully erect.

3) The circumference is to be measured at the point adjacent to where the scrotal sac meets the penis. Under no circumstances should the glans be measured to determine the circumference. Care must be taken to prevent pubic hair from inflating the reading. If necessary, the subject should be carefully shaved.

4) Again, this measurement must be performed while the subject is standing, and the penis is parallel to the floor.

5) The measuring tape should be entirely snug around the circumference of the penis, without deforming it.

6) Measurements are subject to the same methodology as when measuring length.

We should may rethink the Bone Pressed measurend method…


I think whoever proposed this should do the rethinking. NBP isn’t a good measurement technique for comparing different populations, or even the same subjects at different bodyfat levels. The fatter one is, the shorter the NBP. Bone pressed, using a thin ruler, produces more consistent measurements and eliminates (at least greatly reduces) the fat variable.

I agree. NBP is not a good measurement for scientific studies, since it’s not consistent due to the different amount of body fat people have.

Even if several people should be there to witness the measurement and whatever, it doesn’t make it more accurate. There is no way a conclusive avarage measurement could be met with NBP, since people can gain weight, lose weight, etc, thus changing the thickness of the fatpad, which in its turn changes the avarage. The bone pressed length pretty much doesn’t change, however fat or skinny one is.

My conclusion, no, we shouldn’t rethink the BP measurement.

"You are entitled to your own opinion, but not your own facts."

Re: S.p.e.r.m.

Originally posted by matti
3) The circumference is to be measured at the point adjacent to where the scrotal sac meets the penis.

That would result in skewed variations in width. With my conical unit I’m much thicker there, and with my saggy turkey skin it’s hard to say where scrotal sack ends and dick shaft begins on the underside of the penis.

I think the standard should be mid-shaft. Mid shaft could be defined as some distance, like a half or quarter inch, below where the foreskin begins on uncut hombres, or below the circumcision scar for those of us whose parents ruthlessly butchered us as babes.

How about girth being measured mid-shaft? You know, half way.. I agree with other comments about BP being the only real way to have a standardized measurment.


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