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Routine without jelqing?

Routine without jelqing?

My routine is:

Warm up heat 8min

various stretches 10min,
clamping 3x10min

warm down

Now, I wonder if this is OK, considering no jelqing is involved?

I can’t dry jelq, just don’t work for me.

Between clamp-sets, I massage it and shake it around a while.. enough?

I thought of adding Head Squeezes (grip at bottom, add finger by finger as pressure and hold),
to this routine… Would that be OK or is jelqing really important here?

I thought like:

Warm up,
stretching 10min
head squeezes 5min,
clamping 30min
warm down.

Please help :) Thanks

I recommend doing at least a bit of jelqing, particulary if you are a clamper because it helps bring fresh blood into your penis.

I agree with Chicken. For his reasons as well as I think jelqing is one of the most effective PE exercises, it just takes a while to find out good technique which is dependent on your current size, whether you are cut/uncut, how large your hands are and how comfortable your body is with the movement of jelqing itself.

I would suggest just throwing in some jelqing, but instead of focusing on finishing your set time or trying to achieve a certain number of jelqs per session, focus on the quality of movement and how it affects your penis afterwards.

Jelqing is a fairly complex exercise. I have always felt that some of the fast gainers who use jelqing as a major part of their program just happened to learn the ‘feel’ of jelqing right from the start, therefore bringing better gains than people who have to go through a learning period, all the while conditioning their penis when their technique isn’t at it’s best.

Do a search for jelqing technique, there are some threads devoted to it and I think it will help you a lot if you decide to add jelqing to your routine.

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