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Roots of penis size desire?

I’d much rather have an inch too much than an inch too little.

Would you much rather have a girl say to her girlfriends (with the same pained/disgusted look):

A) He’s a bit too big

- or -

B) He’s a bit too small

Lastly, I’d much rather the woman say, “Whoa slow down”, rather than say, “Harder, dammit, harder! Is that all you got?”

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

You guys really should read

The guy who made that site goes into all of the reasonings behind women’s primal instincts to get with the big ones, and it’s quite truthful as well. Brutally truthful, in fact.

Its just a question of attraction I think, the actual act isn’t really improved by how big a womens boobs are or the mans dick even though this is more relevant its not the most important thing at all.

As far as genetics I’d say big boobs just show a women is well fed :chuckle: which is something or it used to matter I suppose. The actual amount of milk produced isn’t dependant on size apparently, this is a fallacy. I read the shape of the breast developed to help the baby feed without suffering breathing problems. And a big dick is just a clear sign of attraction so again its mainly visual in my book.

Not saying size doesn’t matter, I tend to obsess ever so slightly myself but I know its not what really matters its just visuals which is fine for pictures and glances across a bar but not that important :shrug:

Ever since I can remember I would hear stories about guys with really big dicks. People told these stories with envy. The one about my friend’s grandfather whose dick was so big that he simply dropped it out of his shorts to piss outside in the summer. Or my personal favorite, a friend who enjoyed pulling his enormous dick out of his pocket to “freak people out”. Or maybe it was the story we all heard in High school, “Dude, I heard she did that guy with the 12inch cock last Saturday”. It doesn’t matter whether they were real but people have always been concerned about those things. The antithesis of that of course are the embarrassing stories about those on the other end of the spectrum. No one wants to be there.

My partner already things that I’m very large at 7.5 x 5.7. She is almost 6 feet tall and I bottom out in a variety of positions. For the record as it started getting bigger and she noticed I reluctantly admitted that I had been doing kegels. I was so reluctant to mention the kegels in fact that I never bothered to mention the grueling jelqing or hanging sessions. But me, I just want to keep making it bigger. Why? Purely for the sake of having a big dick; a really Jeremesque, Holmesian, freakishly big, elephant trunk of a dick.

The issue of boob size came up and I find it interesting as comparison and as a way to finally, once and for all, sort out this eternal question of penis size. Have you noticed that women’s breasts become much meatier when she is pregnant and also later in the breast feeding period? Together with the earlier explanation that men more often than not are attracted to big, round, cosy breasts, this attractor has a clear evolutionary purpose to make his woman pregnant and increase multiplicity of family members. In earlier times it was necessary to have as many offspring as possible since many of the died from famine and from consumption by wild animals. It is the growing, maturing breast that fascinates more than the state, the cycles of increasing pleasure.

Today, in many wealthy parts of the world this attractor works to increase variety rather than multiplicity in the species. This is due to the fact that we use contraceptives, which means that many women that otherwise would grow larger breasts periodically now are constantly flat-chested. The fascination of the growing breasts is gone. Some of them tries to conform to the ideal of big breasts by artificial measures, but they miss the dynamic point. Other women don’t want to change themselves artificially, or cannot afford it. Hence, it tends to promote variety since a larger portion of the male population than before are driven to seek out new partners with larger breasts; they are attracted to the change, not the state. Men that grow tired of the large, constant floppies are driven to seek out women with small, virgin breasts to once again experience the magnificent transformation, the change in state.

The evolutionary meaning of PE now is crystal clear. It works against evolution in that it decreases variety. This is because women, which as we saw in earlier posts for some reason likes larger penii - maybe because of that mystic firebolt-provoking anterior fornix area - now can experience increasingly more pleasurable experiences with the same partner. Again, it is the change more than the state that is the attractor. This makes women fool around less, from a statistical, large population view. It has no positive evolutionary effect as far as I can see.

This is the simple explanation why PE is good for us as individuals and our relationships, but bad for the human species.

For all the reasons for why a women prefers a large penis is still does not answer the question of vast difference in the majority of penis sizes to what we are expected to think of as fact in that most i.e. 80%+ of women prefer big dicks. I’m batting this idea from the corner of soemone who has a big dick so I haven’t got any beef to sell.

I’m more interested in the origins of this whole penis saga. I think a lot of women just go along with it becasue it is semi expected that most women prefer big dicks. To say penis size is important is definately true but only in that a women needs to be getting with a man who fits her size approx - big puss likes big todge etc.

I’m interested in why this idea is still expounded. To make men feel insecure so that they don’t put it about as much? To make men feel like they don’t stack up in the bed department and give women power in the battle of the sexes? A bit of fun? -


Originally Posted by wheresmyweenie
For all the reasons for why a women prefers a large penis is still does not answer the question of vast difference in the majority of penis sizes to what we are expected to think of as fact in that most i.e. 80%+ of women prefer big dicks.

To address that part of the thread issue we must understand that what a woman prefer in the penis size department from her deep, cave-woman layers is offset by millions of years of socio-technical evolution and the development of more advanced structures in the brain.

Any woman today can buy the latest bells-and-whistles rotating dildo with multiple massage tips to reach every nook and trigger point inside her vagina. She don’t need a well-endowed man with divine lover capabilities to do this anymore.

In fact, many women have learned the hard way that the huge studs sometimes become far too cocky and ego-centered, thinking they are at the middle of women’s attention and can pick and choose. Their big dick makes them more unlikely to be a good, loving husband and a reliable father to their children, maybe he doesn’t even care to maneuver his overgrown tool with the necessary caution when making love, providing nothing but pain to the poor woman. She grow tired of it, and longs for a considerate man with a smaller penis that is not the foundation of his confidence.

This promotes the variation in penis size that we now observe, a combination of the genetic evolution and the socio-technical evolution that work in opposite directions, reflecting the multi-layered structure of the human mind.

A few observations…

Firstly, saying is a good source of information is dangerous. I think it’s an entertaining site, but his interpretation is skewed and his data is non-existent. As a number of women have said over and over again, it’s important, but it’s not as important as men make it seem. In, he places waaay too much emphasis on size.

Secondly, a woman’s natural breast size is in direct proportion to her estrogen level. The more estrogen a woman has, the smoother her skin. Yep, the smoother her skin, the smoother is her vaginal lining. Meaning it’s “supposed” to be an indicator of the sensate qualities on her vaginal texture. I’m quoting some medical text on that one, unfortunately I lack the personal experience to back it up.

If girth is king, why the hell does everyone keep talking about length?

My personal experience tells me that women with a good dose of testosterone pumping through her veins provide the greatest sexual pleasure, they are the horniest, wettest, wildest, most orgasmic. They may have some hair on their legs if they forget to shave, smaller breasts perhaps if it has something to do with comparably less estrogen, but I couldn’t care less. I this observation is more general, maybe that is something that could explain the large natural variation we see in breast size?

Regarding “does it really matter”: which provide the best sex for a woman, a man with an average or small penis who is good in bed, or a man with a larger penis who is good in bed?

‘nuff said.

The noted Gynecologist Robert Latou Dickinson states in his book, that the vagina averages 12.5 in maximum aroused stretched depth when measured from the remnants of the hymen to the deepest point of the vagina, the posterior fornix. Then the vulva averages 2.5 cm in depth. Together they average 15 cm, or 6” in depth. This is only the average and may account for just as many women having this size as men that have 5.9”-6” penises.

This would suggest that things are pretty equal in length.

I beleive that 7”-7.5” would best suit a woman that has that exact average vagina. This accounts for the amount of length lost in the distance between the two bodies. This varies according to position and the amount of bodyfat the either, or both partners have. 2-2.5” of bpel could be expected to be needed to reach from between the man’s pubic bone, to the woman’s hymen. This is just an estimate of mines from my own sexual experience, and 3” may even be necessary for some, while 1.5” might cut it for a slender couple.

That is where PE comes into play along with the fact that not all women are exactly average. Only about 42% or so are.

Struggling with a peyronies injury during sex and loss of size after having been into PE.

Size does it really matter?
It may not matter to all women.

But in my own experience,it can make a deference.

I started at the high end of average at 6 3/4 in X 5 1/4 in and all but one of my x lovers stated that I was bigger then any other man they have been with. The one how was willing to state other wise said that here last boy friend was about the same length but close to twice as thick and she missed the fullness of a thick cock. My wife stated when we first started having sex that I was a bit longer and about the same thickness as any cock she had seen let alone had sex with. When I finally got to 7x5 1/2 I should stop because I was starting to hurt her. Now that I’m at 7 1/4 X 5 2/3 she tells me I’m to big and it takes to long to get comfortable, but boy when we get going it all YA, YA, SO Deep, Give it to me, Fuck Me, GIVE ME THAT BIG DICK. Which is what I’ve been waiting for for years. Can not Waite to hear / see her reaction when I hit the 7 1/2 X 5 3/4 mark.

So YES Size can make a deference.

As for what size is the right size who knows every one is deferent.

My goal is 8 x 6 1/4

Originally Posted by MadCock
So YES Size can make a deference.

So can using the spell check function before hitting post.
The rest of that post was to illiterate for me to even read.

Most boys want to be like their father or adult male role model in their life. When a boy sees a grown man’s penis in a shower or bathroom, it is disproportionally large to him because he is so small. Don’t you remember how BIG everything was when you were a small kid? Could you get a drink out of a water fountain or wash your hands without standing on something?

This makes him think that to be like his father when he grows up, his penis must be as big as his father’s seemed to him at that time.


Maybe we’re just a bunch of obsessively greedy guys who need to get our sense of self-worth by being able to make our women scream with passion.


Since males are so competitive and insecure, we will do EVERYTHING we can to make sure that we are the best lover with the biggest penis that our partner has encountered. Why else would men ask the question…?

PE for length: so her heart stops when she sees it. PE for girth: to get her heart started again!

One need only leave the surface of the planet to realize we are all one people.

I remember reading the Darwinist books by Richard Dawkins(?), “The selfish gene”, and “The blind clock maker” (not sure about the English titles, since I read them in Swedish).

In one of these books he claims that it completely natural that evolution drives “things” to evolve to become bigger and bigger or smaller and smaller. He gives an example of a bird species where the female likes long “aft” feathers. He argues that that will naturally drive this bird species to evolve longer and longer feathers, but always leave things in a state where the females likes longer feathers than the males have.
The only thing that finally slows down evolution and leaves it in equilibrium is that for a bird it is a problem to have too long feathers. It will be slower in escaping predators and will not survive.

Comparing this with dick sizes, we, as a species, will evolve longer and longer dicks and the only thing that will slow us down is the negative side of having too long ones. Which are…?



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