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rippled penis skin

rippled penis skin

hey the skin of my penis is in a terrible state i think it is as a result of all the stretching and pulling i have been doing , the skin now has a lot of ripples and looks pretty ugly unerect . how do i correct this. are there any skin care products that i can use.

I’ve noticed the same thing about mine… I’ve increased the vitamin E oil application to the old trout and it has seemed to slow the effect you are talking about down..

I have the same problem you have. I have it all over my head. I’ve been using New Cell Therapy from Jason Natual Cosmetics. It has Alpha Hydroxy Acids with Ester-C and Vitamin-E. It works temporarily making the skin smooth but then once you stretch again, you get the ripple effect again.

If we’re talking about the same thing, I had it early in my PE two years ago. You may just be growing more skin tissue. If so, you’ll grow into this excess sking after awhile as your shaft enlarges and you’ll look normal when flaccid again, just bigger.




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