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Rigid Tunica?

Rigid Tunica?

Up until the last couple of weeks whenever I was checking out my flaccid dick, it was always… for lack of a better phrase, soft and squishy. Now when I hold it my tunica (I believe) is very rigid. Not so much hard but solid feeling. Like a tough inner penis inside my skin. I have been incorporating some V-Stretches into my routine, which is all manual exercises. Now you can tell me this is normal and we’ll all get a good nites sleep. Thanks in advance for any input.

I get this rigid flaccid tunica feeling as well. Weird huh? BUt I usually get it when my flaccid is at its shortest, which makes sense….Less volume, more dense.

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I have developed what appears to be a rib, is this what you are describing? It seems to me that this is a natural response from tissue deformation and repairing.



My penis can do everthing from a 5 inch hang to a 1 inch acorn. In between those sizes it can be soft and squishy, or hard and tough. Perfectly normal in my opinion.

One foot to go


I had the feeling you describe all the time, even before I started PE. I think it’s normal.

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