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Right bend problem

Right bend problem

I’ve been pe-ing for three months now and ‘ve made nice gains of 1/2 inch in EBPL and 1/4 inch in girth.

But now I have a bend to the right in my cock.
I already had it before pe but it’s a lot more pronounced. My guess it’s because I do most of my stretching, I do AI’s and DLD’s, with my right hand.
How should I solve my problem. Should I do exclusively stretching with my left hand now until it corrects the bend or should I just do maybe 75% left handed and 25% right handed stretching.

Or is there other more effective ways to correct the bend ?

going for the 8x7 !!!

Has the bend become more pronounced or is it simply harder erections making it appear more pronounced. It was the latter in my case.

Curve correction is never going to be easy or quick but jelqing against the direction of the curve is supposed to help. Try v-stretching sideways around a can (or other large diameter object) with the inside of the curve on the outside of the stretch, maybe with a partial erection or fully flattened tunica. I think long hold (3-5 min) stretches work quite well in this regard. You might also try the horseshoe bend but focus on extending the inside of the bend.

Thanks for the answer, that gives me some ideas to counteract it.

I think it’s getting more accentuated by the PE. It’s not because it’s more errect I think.

Will try some of your remedies and see how it works out.

going for the 8x7 !!!

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