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For having been a member here for over a year, I feel kind of stupid asking this, but I didn’t find anything in the PE start-up guide or the jelqing descriptions (So yes RB, I did some searching first!!!!)

Okay, since I do all my PE in the shower, how can I pull off a dry jelq. I’ve decided to concentrate some on girth gains, whereas before I was more worried about just length, but I didn’t find anything in the guides that mentioned the differences between wet and dry jelqing.

Dry jelqing appears to be the fan favorite here for adding length (device-related exercises excluded) but if I’m wrong about that, let me know before I start wasting my time.



“Dry” can be done wet :)

Basically, follow the stuff you found, as long as your keeping the same spot of skin under your fingers and putting the pressure deep into the erectile chambers, you are fine. It’s very difficult to do wet from lube, as it’s too slippery to get a good grip. But water alone should be fine.

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So the only difference is wet jelqing is moving your fingers along the shaft, and dry is more of a milking thing, with your fingers not moving? I’m not sure “wet” and “dry” are accurate descriptions of those. They both sound wet to me. Am I correct that dry jelqing will help girth more than wet jelqing?


RB, are you trying to explain this the most unclear way ever possible? :D


Phoward, the simple difference between wet and dry jelq is that wet jelq is done by using some kind of lubricant and dry jelq by using your foreskin.

The basics of wet jelqing: Make an ok-grip to the base of your penis, trapping blood, and slide your your grip towards glands and when just below the glands, use the other hand to make another ok-grip to the base and repeat. This way, it’s done with both hands.

In wet jelqing I recommend the “non-stop pressurising”, as above, in which you don’t release your first grip from below the glands before making another one in the base. This way, the amount of escaping blood reduces.
In dry jelqing the aforementioned is pretty much impossible, because you have to pull your foreskin back and therefore it is usually done one-handed.

The basics of dry jelqing: Pull your foreskin back, make an ok-grip to the base of your penis, trapping blood, and slide your grip towards the glands, using the foreskin. When just below the glands, loosen your grip to the extent that your grip is only strong enough to pull the foreskin back, do so, and repeat. This way, it’s done one-handed.

Generally, the object in jelqing, is to get as much blood in to your glands, so do your jelqs keeping that in mind and it makes a lot more sense.


I don’t know which of the jelqs help your girth more, it’s more about what erection level your jelqing with. The harder the erection, the more for girth it will go, or so is generally thought.

It’s a matter of personal preferation, but usually people who are uncut, prefer dry jelq, since wet jelq has a bad habit of cousing skin stretch. That’s not bad if you need more foreskin, though.
Also, for people who are cut, it can be extremely hard to do dry jelq, unless they have enough skin, so they usually do the wet jelq.


I hope this cleared it out, if not, just ask.

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I dry jelq without a foreskin :)

I think dry jelqing allows you to put more stress on the tunica than wet jelqing, and whether it works girth or length has more to do with the level of erection you perform them at…

Twatteaser: the man, the myth, and the legend in his own mind.

The biggest difference between “wet’ and “dry” is that you use a lube for the wet ones. Second biggest difference is that with dry jelqs, your fingers do not slide along your skin, they stay in the same place while your skin slides forward.

For girth gains, I would suggest adding squeezes and the like once you get a month or more of jelqing in.

Yeah, no foreskin here, although it seems to be a little more bunched up at the top than it used to be. I’ll have to figure out some way to correct that, besides a second circumcision :-) .

Thanks MDC, I think that was the clearest, I’ll see how it goes.


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