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Rice Sock and Heat Theory?


Rice Sock and Heat Theory?

Well, I’ve done the search and I still don’t quite understand what the rice sock is and how it works. I think it’s a tube sock with a certain amount of rice in it that I microwave and then somehow wrap around the shaft (without the rice falling out)? Anyone want to offer a step by step?

I’ve become quite interested in the potential of the heat theory, so I want to use something warm in between stretches. I tried using a hot, soaked wash cloth between lig stretches, but it’s messy and the water weakens my grip behind the glans. The rice sock sounds like it could help. If it does, my plan is to warm up for 2-3 minutes (with the sock), manually stretch (firmly) for 1-2 minutes in a few directions, then repeat…for maybe 5 or six cycles. Sound good? Comments, suggestions?

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Rice sock recipe

1/2 - 1 c. uncooked rice
1 Tube sock

Pour rice into tube sock. Tie a knot at the open end of the sock. Microwave (30 sec. - 1 min., depending on your microwave and how much rice you used). Apply to penis.

Beware that you could scald your penis if you get it too hot!


I prefer more rice. I didn’t measure, but probably about 1.5 to 2 cups.

Don’t nuke it too long. Burned rice smells nasty. You can get it a little hotter than would be comfortable and use a folded t-shirt or towel between the sock and your penis. Reduce the layers of shirt as the sock cools.

Rice socks are so much more convenient than hot cloths. They stay hot for 15 minutes and make no mess, as long as you can deal with that smell!

I put my rice in two socks, as I found that they wear out pretty quickly otherwise (maybe that’s just my hol(e)y socks) and it means that the heat stays inside for a bit longer and reduces the risk of burning my cock.

Finally, make sure you give the sock a good shake when it comes out of the microwave. Microwaves do not heat uniformly, so you may feel the sock and find it is a good temperature, then wrap it round your cock to find that one particular spot is about 300 degrees. Maybe that’s just my microwave though.

I keep my sock on the base while I am hanging as well. I find that the remaining heat is helpful to the stretch and the added weight gives a gentle v-stretch effect.


>I put my rice in two socks, as I found that they wear out pretty quickly otherwise (maybe that’s just my hol(e)y socks)

It’s not just yours. Mine darken and develop holes by the time they reach a deep tan/light brown color.

I am not positive of this, but I think a 100% cotton sock is preferable to something with polyester content.

The one time my rice sock burned - I mean it literally melted - was when I was using a sock that had a polyester/rayon content.
I think this stuff is essentially plastic and can melt at a concentrated high temperature spot.

I never had a rice fire with a 100% cotton sock.

I have seen people talk about flax seed being superior to rice. I can’t speak to that but supposedly it holds heat better. If it does, and it takes in and releases moisture the way dry uncooked rice does, it is probably the stuff.

Yeah, my girlfriend uses a flax seed pillow whenever she has a bad back. It seems to hold the heat longer than a rice sock, plus it smells better. Trouble is I don’t know where you’d get loose flax seed.


Go to Walgreen’s and buy a Bed Buddy Back Wrap. It costs $15.00. It is a microwaivable heating pad. Same principle as the rice sock. Heat it up, I do 1 min. 45 sec., it varies with microwaves, and then wrap it around your penis. It works great, it is a lot less messy than hot water, the heat is more even, and you don’t have to make it.


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Flax is better than rice, but rice is more readily available and slightly cheaper than flax seeds. I’m sure you can order some online somewhere though. Do a google search

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Try wetting a washcloth and fold it up to fit inside of a ziplock sandwich bag. Lay it out flat and then nuke it for 20 seconds. It will hold the heat for a long time. Don’t over heat it, it will burn you fast.

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Thanks for all the replies, guys. I dig turtle’s suggestion of the Bed Buddy Back Wrap…less explanation needed in case it’s found (I’m a stealth PE’er).

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I tried a flax sock. A few seeds popped each time I microwaved it, and it exuded a moderately strong aroma of fresh flax oil. I hate to think how wicked the reek will be when the oil eventually turns rancid. So, the choice of fragrances seems to be hot rice or flax oil. Tough call.

The flax sock was much softer, feeling nice and silky against my skin compared to the coarse rice chunks. I didn’t notice any difference in heat retention, but the exploding seeds scared me away from heating the flax as much as the rice.

For now, I’m sticking with the rice because it’s cheap enough to replace often.

I miss my old heating pad that actually got hot. The new ones I’ve tried barely get warm, even on high.

One very important piece of advice. Do not microwave the sock with a twist tie on. I did and it caught fire. Thankfully I was watching it and I quickly put it out. It would be very difficult to explain to my grandma if I didn’t stop the fire in time.

I have been using a rice sock ever since my Bed Buddy got a hole in it.

I use two socks so it won’t be overly hot and to tie the top I did this: Cut a little portion off the top of one of the socks, essentially giving me a piece of sock fabric (cotton) that is in the shape of an O. The cut that so I have one long strip of fabric. I filled the sock(s) w/rice, then took that extra piece of fabric to tie up the open end of the sock. Voila!

Yes, I make sure I shake up the sock when I take it out of the microwave, because mine doesn’t heat uniformly either. The sock eventually gets tan/brownish, but who cares. It’s easy to find another old pair of socks and make a new one anyway.

Here is a little humor for you PE “vets”. I never really read the recipe if you will for a rice sock but heard the quick explanation of rice in sock, heat it up and use it. So I found a quality sock and filled it with rice. So I stuck in the microwave until it was nice and warm.

Of course the only problem was that when I took it out I thought “what do I do now?” Well I figured there is a hole in the sock for a reason so I stuck my unit in there. I remember thinking afterwards, “What do they do about the rice sticking to their cocks?”

Good times.


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