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"Ribs" - biggest mystery of mankind?


"Ribs" - biggest mystery of mankind?

I read posts about those mysterious “ribs” on penis shaft, under skin, and found a lot of interesting suppositions. Only suppositions…

I’m a proud owner of few of them, so I still have a little question:


Is it some kind of injury? I think its quite important matter. Do any of you guys have knowledge to answer?

Thanks for help.

Is there a doctor in the house?

I don’t know for sure, but I believe they are part of your plumbing. They either supply blood flow or lymph fluid. They are not an injury.

The Quest for the truth continues….I liked Piet’s answer that they’re helicine arteries..

I’ve had them all my life and enjoy them immensely..:D

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Im not a doctor, but the only thing I can think of is in uncut men there are soposed to be little ribs

on the inner face of the forskin. some men claim that they feel them during masturbation. I am cut

so I couldnt tell you. I know a girl who dated an uncut guy and she couldnt tell the difference when errect.

she didnt like the look though.

They are speed bumps to check over zealous penetration.

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I see mine sometimes and I’m cut.

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Blood supply. (Arteries.)

My theory is that they’re the walls of the corpora cavernosa ( however you spell it ). I never heard anybody say that these walls were smooth.

They’re arteries or veins.



I like the idea of being ribbed for her pleasure. I can’t wait to get them…

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if you are referring to the ‘ridges’ or slight bumps that are across the dorsal part of the shaft, the ones that are more prominent on the sides. They are probably tissues of the cavernosa that has been slightly corrupted by fibrosis and dont expand the same as the rest of the shaft. Have they become more prominent as you age?

And are we talking about the ‘dips’ that are across the shaft? not the small ‘strings’ under the skin?

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Talons, check pictures in this thread.

I noticed them in second month of PE.

Thanks Deny, that makes it clear. I will have to look for them next time I clamp.

Phantasm, my “ribs” are huge even when my dick is flaccid! (especially the one on the left side of shaft):)

Anyway, thanks again for feedback guys.

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