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Revisiting Plastic Deformation


Does anyone still uses this? I’ll read it all later.


Originally Posted by dickerschwanz
Trying to find the gain zone between too much and not enough.

another good find….

What I am reading leads me to believe that long periods of time and increasing force will bring you to the too much. that if you go to the too much too soon it will result in injury and that too much is just that… too much - its beyond what the skin can handle vs what is needed for lig stretching… for that reason I would not begin my target stretch at the ligs as they will be too difficult.

meaning start with light weight and gradually move up… thru the day and over days.. one day start with 2lbs and work up to 8 lbs over hours- do this for a week….

next week… try for 2hrs min per day 5 days per week…

next week start with 3lbs and work to 9lbs
take a break when you can no longer add or begin working angles.

the gradual increase in force over time may be the trick.. I am experiencing it now.. its like my ligs are letting go and I can feel a softness when I do my manuals…

much in the same way we stretch the rest of our bodies…


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