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Reverse psychology on penis!


Originally Posted by marinera
I tried it. The penis grew, but in the wrong direction, so it started dangling out of the anus.

Haha, made my day :)
But seriously I think the fella of this thread is just kidding about the usual jelqing thing

Originally Posted by Lonelysurfer

You would have to be on crack to even consider it. It has zero validity and makes no sense.

This did make me laugh, when I read it! I was not on crack but as I remember I had consumed a glass of wine or two, when I wrote the original post. Thanks for all the input. And I have had no gains from this method.

Always be cool.

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In all seriousness I had been thinking about something similar to this just the other day, wondering if you could get an effective stretch on the suspensory ligaments by pushing in on them, stressing them at an angle that they are really not used to.

I got excited when I saw this thread today and thought someone else might have had a similar idea but unfortunately it seems like this thread is just a joke.

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Originally Posted by tinytim
I think the idea is similar to the concept of hair growth - as when you shave your beard it grows back thicker .

The hair grow myth is also untrue.

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I don’t think your going to have many gains with that theory. However, the psychology part is interesting. If someone is too eager and is not seeing any gains for a while and getting frustrated, here is a good way to think about PE. Don’t think of doing PE to make your penis bigger, think of PE as making your penis healthier. I have been doing PE for a long time and have read that if your are still getting your morning wood and erections throughout the day and night, then you have a healthy supply of blood going to your penis.

So if you don’t see your gains (which will come over time), just think of PE as a way to make your penis more healthy. Think like that for a while, look in the mirror one day and you will see that your hard work and dedication has paid off. So yes, psychology can play a roll in this. Good luck.


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