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"Reverse" jelquing

"Reverse" jelquing

I’ve begun to notice the baseball effect taking place as I jelq… No matter how far back I reach when I jelq, the base still doesn’t develop as much.

I thought that reversing the jelq motion might work the base a bit? Basically you try to squeeze blood from the head or middle into your base, with force probably less then what you would do normally. When I do this, the base swells, but I can’t really tell if it will get me any good… or negative… results - which is why I want to ask first :p

Any information or experiences on this?

Hi RK,

I am no expert, however, I have read that there are valves that block off the bloodflow out of the penis which are closed off during an erection. Since jelquing involves at least a semi-erection, I do not think that it would be a good idea to reverse jelq due the an inordinate amount of stress that would be placed on them. If they become damaged or leak then an erection may become altogether impossible. Perhaps others will weigh in on this one.


Any more input on dangers of reverse jelquing?

I do reverse jelquing here and there and I have gained some base girth by doing it…

rk and pulling,

Reverse jelqing without any sort of clamp at the base is not a good idea. Some people think that forcing blood back towards the body will inadvertently increase the capacity of the veins to drain blood from the penis. This could lead to erection problems later on. Stick with jelqing for awhile, then after your dick is conditioned enough, you can move on to try Horse squeezes BTB (behind the balls) or through the scrotum.

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