So, I re-started my PE activities yesterday. I ordered a penimaster device, which I’ve been using since yesterday. I will also follow a stretching/jelqing routine. 10 min of stretching + 10 min of jelqing, 3 days on / 1 day off. I want it simple.

Considering the penimaster usage, I find it difficult to keep my penis in place. It tends to slip. I’ve been reading some info in the forum about that but I’m still looking for the best hint to prevent my penis from slipping. I also had some trouble deciding which rods I should use. The longer the device, the harder it pulls. Then, you can also “regulate” the pull, but I still don’t understand it quite well. If I put long rods, there is a stretching effect, no matter what “pull” you chose (240g- 1200g).