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Retin-A for removal of discoloration?

Retin-A for removal of discoloration?

I searched for the term “retin-a” and found nothing on it, so I apologize if this topic has been thrashed already.

I understand that Retin-A increases the “turnover” rate of skin cells, causing the skin to regenerate very quickly. I used it years ago on my face just as an experiment and it made my skin really pink and unusually soft. The problem is that when you use it you have to stay out of the sun or you risk a bad sunburn.

Has anyone tried Retin-A in one form or another to remove PE discoloration? I figure it would make the dick tender for a while, but it may be of use during a PE break (yeah, right…) or after one has achieved his goals.

Just wondering.

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I used Retin-A for a scar I had after a dermatologist cut out what he thought was a malignant discoloration. It is not an over the counter drug, rather you need an Rx. It did help bring the scar to the normal color of the surrounding skin. You need to be careful when using it because I remember it makes the treated area highly photosensative. This could be the reason for making the skin on your face very pink. Deep in the shorts, where the environment is dark, it would probably work just fine.



So you need a prescription for that stuff? What would happen if you put on too much and made the skin too light? Would it go back to normal colour? Does anyone know of any over the counter discolouration medication?

Mick, I would assume any drug store isle for women would have this stuff. Just like the under eye black circle remover product that is out there.

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I know Lewd Ferrigno personally.

Yes, there are several womens’ products with varying degrees of this stuff in it available OTC.

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