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Rethinking PE-Theory

Rethinking PE-Theory

Hi guys, and ladies if you like.

I would like to initiate a new thread in order to examine some theories of pe.

Your input here is highly welcome: I am inviting the



Most experienced

PE-ers to contribute to this thread.

I would like to ask newbies: please just read and refrain from asking whether your routine is ok or why your dick doesn’t grow, or not fast enough and so on..

In the next few posts I will introduce myself a little, make some general statements about pe and and make a provocative statement which might contribute to optimize your pe strategies.

Please feel free to post in this thread.

Best regards


Later - ttt

Ok - I live in germany, I am german, so my english is not at the top level as requested by severe moderators such as the highly esteemed mr. Happy (please say high *s*9.

I am a researcher and a physician.

And I am an addicted PE-er. I am spending 20 hours per week at least with pe (active, reading, posting and so on).

When I first started with pe (using a dick stretcher) I did it as an experiment. The medical community states that pe does not work, but for reasons that I won’t discuss herein, medical science is not interested in this field (one reason I might mention is that doctors want to make money and to tell someone ‘pull your dick to make it grow’ is not the way to make big money in medicine. As a consequence, scientific evidence of the efficacy of pe is lacking practically completely.

In my professional life I am trying to recommend my patients treatments with scientifically proven efficacy and with acceptably low risk. This is called ‘evidence based medicine’, the best thing we have in medicine.

Unfortunately, we have no evidence based pe, so we must collect the wisdom from reports from people we have never seen and who claim gains that are sometimes spectacular.

Later - ttt

I have been wearing my ads for a few months. When I first measured I found 1/2 inch extra lenght. I measured repeatedly, it was a fact.

I started to subscribe to different pe forums until I found thunder’s and I post and read nowhere else since (HEAR ME - THUNDER?).

Did lot of reading and the first question to answer: with my already slightly above average dick - is pe good for me? And my gf?

The answer is simple but not quite: yes, it is good for me. My gf says it is unneccessary but she orgasms differently than before (I think it’s called deep vaginal or cul de sac orgasm). She knows that I do pe but keeps telling me I don’t have or need to.

Just to find out what she really wants I told her that I would stop any time she would start to get uncomfortable because of my gains. So far she didn’t. As a consequence I speculate that she too finds that pe is good.

In conclusion, I am perfectly motivated to achieve my goal (20 cm long, 15 cm circumference, which roughly e´equates the often quoted, famous 8x6 dick.

Later - ttt

After lots of reading and thinking I decided to start a length routine and go for girth after the length aim will be reached. The theory behind that approach is that a thin band is easier to pull than a thick one. Not all ‘pe-experts’ will agree, but it made sense to me.

(Since this is NOT a scientific review I am not going to quote ore give references; however I want to acknowledge the input of all those who made major contributions to the pe world in general and to this forum in particular).

Later - ttt

In this post, I want to share with you some genetic consideration on our dicks.

Evolution came up with a thing called penis with two functions and two states:

Flaccid state: urination
Erect state: ejaculation

Very simple. Nothing else. Except that evolution has conditioned our dicks to grow during childhood and puberty, but, unfortunately NOT in adult life.

That, so far, is fact. In my next post, I will speculate on the consequences of this, and will therefore use terms like ‘dick wants .’ or ‘doesn’t like to.’.

Later - ttt

Now let me start to speculate:

Our dicks are not conditioned to grow in adulthood. Fact.

I would therefore speculate, that our dicks want to stay just as they are: short and thin.

If we start hanging (most effective technique for length gains - imho - first and last time I will say this: everything stated in this thread is my opinion, speculation, nothing more) if we start or clamping (best for girth gains) our dicks try as good as they can to preserve their current size using repair mechanisms; also, using negative pe signs, our dicks try to discourage us to continue pe-ing.

In order to avoid negative pe signs, it is more or less consensus in this forum that the dick needs to be conditioned (newbie routine) before performing heavier pe.

In my next post I will state a provocative hypothesis: .

Later - ttt

This is my provocative hypothesis. Newbies beware!!

Await the discussion in this thread before doing anything else than the newbie routine. I am not taking any responsibility for possible consequences of pe and I am not suggesting anything. I am thinking aloud, and I am typing so anybody can hear and discuss with me.

*** —- Conditioning your dick will allow your dick to adapt to the stress and help it to resist your effort to make it bigger —- ***

In theory, therefore, conditioning is counterproductive.

In my next post I will discuss some implications of this hypothesis.

Later - ttt

Originally Posted by ticktickticker

…Please feel free to post in this thread…

We have same start, about same present measurement and same final goal.

I have a question to begin with.
Reading this forum and also Matter of Size seems that a “minor” injury from PE is some form of lynphocele, often mistook for thrombosed vein.

For example:
dangleman - Thrombosed Veins
Para-Goomba - Poll: What Type of PE Exercise Created Your Worst Injury?
avocet8 - Thrombosed vein….

I have the impression, reading a lot of posts, that in some persons all form of PE cause this problem. I also get one every time I have a good session of PE, but now I know that is sufficient some light rotary stretch and a warm massage to make it disappear.
Can you explain why and how to manage it?

I am currently into hanging, 3 to 4 times 15 to 20 pounds per day, all directions plus fulcrum hanging (which is the best).

Unfortunately I could not start to hang first day 3 x 20 pounds. Why not? Because it is so dam difficult do do it the right way. (Btw - I am trying to discuss that in my thread ‘best ways of hanging - some ideas’ - feel free to join and contribute).

So what?

I think the best gains would be made if one had a personal PE-trainer so that all the trial and error of all newbies would be eliminated and one could start at pretty high weights right from the beginning. Thus, the dick had no chance to adapt, for collagen, make ligs, tunica and septum thicker while you rest or sleep (at least don’t let it turtle.).

So - that was it for today, please let me know your thoughts and start a fruitful discussion - for the sake of PE and our fellow PE-ers.

Best regards and welcome in this thread


Later - ttt

Mark001 - if you can make it disappear by massaging or jelqing - this is definitively no lymphocele but tissue edema. If you are into hanging you can avoid it to a certain degree by proper wrapping. We are discussing this topic in some detail in my thread ‘best way of hanging - some ideas’.

Check it out, give it a try and tell me if it works for you.



Later - ttt

It is not really a new idea that conditioning can inhibit gains. That is why the idea of deconditioning is popular. But conditioning does decrease the likelyhood of injury. I think conditioning is especially important before clamping. I think a newbie who wants to start out with high pressure clamping is likely to hurt himself, but as you say, his dick may be in a more optimal state for gains as well.

With hanging, it is difficult to use heavy weights if you are not conditioned, because it hurts! A good wrap helps.

Horny Bastard

Mravg - thanks for your input.

Of course, I am aware that I am not reinventing the wheel with this thread.

I am just trying to get a discussion going and I am glad that you mentioned deconditioning.

Before thinking about writing and actually starting to write this thread, I was under the impression that deconditioning is nothing but bs. Thinking about it, this sheds a new light on the potential benefits of deconditioning. You are probably right, deconditioning should be given a try when further gains can not be achieved.

Later - ttt

If you truly give it thought, your penis is a muscle. Even with body building it is good to take a few weeks off every now and then so your muscles dont get used to the same thing and to give them a break for future growth. Same thing with PE, except many are working their penis’s everyday with only 1 day off between workouts. Decon. makes perfect sense but I personally dont believe an entire month is necessary.

Most people that lift weights work each muscle group once/week. Say chest is on a monday, you wont work chest again til the following monday. With PE, you work your penis daily or every other day. A break efvery few weeks doesnt seem like a bad idea in comparison. Just listen to your body and keep this in mind. Good luck and happy PE’ing.

Jan 1st/07 - 7 14/16'' BP 4 Month Growth Comparison Pics - First Clamping pics

Feb 2009 - 8.15'' BP / 7.4'' NBP x 5.1'' EG New pics

Bigger - I do fitness - light body building as well; I, too, use the split technique (every muscle once a week).

I don’t agree, however, and being a physician I must say that you are incorrect stating that the penis is a muscle. Read the articles and threads about penis anatomy.

What we are dealing here with pe compares better to stretching than to muscle biuild-up. Your dick is a blood filled sponge with valves which allow, when closed, erection. The hardness during erection comes from the blood pressure within that sponge pressing against the tunica, a sort of coating formed of collagen. This tunica, and some ligaments at the base of your dick s what we want to enlarge.

Do a search in this forum, you will soon realize that that’s how it goes.

Best regards


Later - ttt

Originally Posted by biggerjohnson
Most people that lift weights work each muscle group once/week. Say chest is on a monday, you wont work chest again til the following monday.


I work out, too. When I was younger, it as more bodybuilding or development focused. Now it is more weight control and performance oriented.

A growth focused weight training program, like the schedule you posted (the schedule I used when I was younger was 3 on, 1 off, actually) would be more valuable than the every other day program I use now. The program I use, is again, performance oriented. That said, I have added 15lbs a month to my bench press since I started training again.

My size hasn’t changed, other than getting leaner, since that isn’t the focus of the program. I thought about posting this before to see if it had any value to PE, but I wasn’t sure of the value, so I didn’t.

But now that you have interjected a weight training comparison, there it is for what it’s worth.

I know PE and weight training aren’t completely interchangeable, but training with large volume and lots of rest produces bodybuilding size gains. Whereas, my current program is pretty small volume, but it is every other day and has produced strength and performance gains.

I am not exactly sure how that applies to PE since, I know we are not after strengthening in PE. But it does show that training 3 or 4 times a week (I may actually do equal or less sets in a week than some weight trainers do in a day) doesn’t cause over training. But if I train everyday (which I did a few times, being over enthusiastic with the results) the numbers not only stagnate, but they fall.

I was having trouble not PE’ing 5 times a week, as the Newbie routines suggests, but considering what I observed in the above, along with the posts on negative PI’s and IPR’s thoughts about 1 on, 2 off, it has been a bit easier to take the off days when necessary. Still, I would like to normalize my routine were I can avoid taking unscheduled off days, since I think comparing PE to bone lengthening is probably more accurate than comparing to PE. Which, I think, might mean being more consistent than sporadic.

For what ever it is worth (which may not be much), there it is. But it may make someone think of something in a new way that is helpful to us all, so again, there it is.

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