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Rethinking how much size matters to women

I can’t tell what you guys want because you change the definition of size mattering. One way it is defined as a woman being a size queen, focusing on bigger meaning better. Then it is a woman doesn’t know any thing about size so it is easy for her to assume something is big when it may not but she just likes the idea of something big pounding her. Next it’s size matters as far as accommodation. When you change the definition of a size queen all women will fit into that category. Of course a woman wants a size that feels good to her. Just as a man wants a a woman with a vagina that is good for them. That doesn’t mean much because that is something that is a basic fact of life. You want what feels good. Yet, there is no size king labels thrown around. As you keep flip flopping on how size matters to women, we all (women) will come off as someone always obessed with size. You want women to be concerned about size so you can feel good about what? Does that give you motivation to do PE? I don’t get it. You are putting women in a man’s mind and making it so black and white. A woman liked to pleased sexually like men do. Why must there be something negative connected to that. Anyway, I give up it’s a losing battle. I’m married and apparently am really clueless on what single women these days want and need. I think men should stop guessing what women want and do what they want.

You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Zig Ziglar

The pressure should not rest completely on men…what about women doing their kegels and getting a better grip on the penis? It will also help them get off by all medical reports I have read. Why are they so lazy about that, but want us to bust our butts?

A Richard Gere look-alike with his “medium 5 to 6” wins out over Gene Wilder look-alike if he had 8” or whatever is considered perfect.

LMAO @ “Cow P*ssy”, never heard that term. The Woman who had the 11 guy, she likes it, but she is not really happy, just that one little part of her life is pleasing. You cant fight genetics and dna, we are trying to improve on it here, but you got what you got.

For me, PE is like working out your biceps, I do it because I want it to be bigger, and just feel better about myself.

You have to love yourself. With a woman, it’s about the passion. A given woman might like big guys, but she might LOVE medium guys that are passionate, loving and caring, that they have chemistry with. Guys that dont fall asleep after, show caring “afterwards” etc etc…

Love and respect yourself first, everything else will fall into place.

You’re correct, men aren’t ever called size kings. I would like that label myself. :)

I think you are also correct that the definition of size queen varies among men. I may be wrong, but I think most of us think of a size queen as a woman that puts big size as just about the most important factor there is in a relationship. These are the 5% I spoke of in my first post in this thread when I said size was very important to her.

Yes, just putting things in black and white can be a problem with left brain thinking. Still though, I tried to not make it just that in my 80% category where I say it is relative to the woman and factors involved.

I believe putting percentages on all this is an ugly way to go about it. It really doesn’t reflect the beauty of a woman’s mind. It’s just the best way I know of to figure out what is going on with the does size matter debate. The other way is to just treat each person on an individual basis and not worry about charts. I like to do both, look at charts and still realise each person is one and should be treated as such.

I don’t doubt your feeling like you’re shouting into the wind. Your mind is capable of working in ways mine can’t and so your views may be hard for me to fully grasp. An example is the way you are able to write erotic stories. I couldn’t begin to have the ability to write in such a creative way.

Originally Posted by anna nimity
I do think 8x6 is ideal and that is up from the 7x6 I used to say. Ideal is what I would think that is best for me overall. That doesn’t necessarily mean size matters. It means I have a size in mind that I feel would be perfect for me. I never have and since I am married, never will be going out my way to find a guy with that size. I mean being here would make it easy since size is stated but I would have to go through a lot of men to find the size I feel is right. Not all men are 8x6 and so I basically “settle” for a lesser size. But that doesn’t mean the size I happen to have isn’t good enough because it isn’t my ideal size. I enjoy having sex with my husband and his length is not even close to the length that is ideal for me but for over fourteen years I have had much pleasure from what his size.

We have have all sorts of things in life that could be “ideal” for us, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are money freaks because we want more money to be comfortable, or that we are an ego freak because we want a lot of people to like us. We have ideas of what is good for us, but if we get less than, that doesn’t mean that it’s not good enough. If size really mattered to me, I wouldn’t be with my husband, plain and simple. So because a person says they like a certain thing, doesn’t mean something other than that isn’t as desirable or as arousing as what seems to be more.

I respect your honesty; and, no, I don’t think you’re a “size queen” at all. Your explanation of the concept of “Ideal” extends through all aspects of life as well. Nor do I feel any hostility or contempt with your ideal size (at roughly 7.72 x 6.15-6.26, I’m pretty much there; maybe if I was 5.25 x 4.3 I’d feel “offended” - which would be silly, of course, because your personal preference has no bearing - or is not directed against - anybody else. But that’s just the male ego - I’ve known a few undersized guys who found out that a woman they were involved with wasn’t satisfied with their size, and their common response was, “F-ing whore!” Competely irrational).

Anyway, the notion of a universal “ideal size” is a fruitless pursuit. It varies far too much to arrive at any beneficial or practical conclusions. I know that when my midshaft girth hit 6” and my length went over about 7.3” my wife had the most shattering orgasms of her life - which was a surprising revelation to both of us. At nearly 7 3/4” BPEL, I can still completely sink it in her. And on a good day, after edging some, my girth hovers at 6 1/4” midshaft, and about 1/2” more at the base. Sex can be slow-going at first, but when she’s all wet, the sex is pretty damn mind-blowing for both of us.

Back in August of 2002, my unit had shriveled to about 6.12 BP x 5.2 mid. I was only giving her about 13.17 cubic inches of meat. But even then, she seemed relatively snug - for the most part - and I didn’t realize that more dick would’ve given her much more pleasure. If I could’ve flashed forward and saw her having an insane orgasm with some other guy packing what I now have - literally 82% more cock - I would’ve been shocked, humiliated & deeply hurt. Especially since, back then, I would’ve imagined that such a cock would’ve been painful for her, unpleasurable, etc. To see her grimacing with pleasure, becoming quite vocal, lifting her head up off the bed and shaking wildly all over was a first for me - after all those years together.

And another thing….my wife had only been with 2 other guys. Both had less girth than me, one was a little longer, the other a little shorter. So she had never had a “sizeable cock” in her life, until she was about 37 years old. Goes to show that even a woman who never paid attention to “size” or who was not “experienced” sure enjoyed 24 cubic inches of carnal meet in her crotch. I believe the vast majority of women would enjoy that size as well; some, just a little less, others just a little more.

But the fragile male ego loves to kid itself for protection. My “li’l fella” of the past just couldn’t do what my hoagie can do now - regardless of technique, position, rhythm, etc. And when men are unhappy about their size, they cringe at the sight of big-dicked fellows, and die inside when they hear women describe how much pleasure a big dick gives them (if they’re even yet aware of the potential). Such women become “whores” or “size queens” in the eyes of hurting males. But to describe the “perfect 10,” or “huge tits” is perfectly okay for guys.

- w a d

Originally Posted by beenthere
What has surprised me in the past is how many nurses are bulge watchers. They see naked men all the time! So that caught me off guard at a hospital a while back to see their interest in men’s packages wasn’t diminished. If anything, it seemed heightened.

You ain’t just whistling Dixie there.
Almost everyday at work, some female nurse will bring up penis size,
women talk about it A LOT!!!
I’ve had many, many nurses ask me straight out, how big mine is.
I always tell em’. “Your just going to have to find out.”
(and many have):D
Going out with one right now in fact.

Since starting PE, and getting a larger flaccid hang,
whenever I hike up my pants now at the nursing station,
they all stare, right at my crotch.
The other day, one was practically drooling,
I looked straight at her, and said, “Is there a problem”?
She started licking her lips while keeping her gaze transfixed on my crotch.
I said, “You know you want it.”
She says, “Yea, when you going to give it to me.”?
I said, “Sorry, you know I’m taken.”
She rolled her eyes.
This kinda stuff happens every single day.
It takes up more of my day than actual work sometimes.

I got to tell you, I’m sure glad I’m in this field, no longer
working factories and warehouses.
Few women in those places and the ones that are there,
well, I’ll be nice and leave it to your imagination.
Yea, I love being in a field where the ratio of women to men
is like 50 to 1.
The only problem is if you do end up hooking up with one
you work with, you have to be real, real careful after that.
I’m trying to be good, really I am, but man, some of these women are relentless.

The other day, I’m in the med room and one who knows me pretty well,
tall, blonde hair to her ass, comes in and after a while, she’s joking around, she turns,
reaches down, grabs my package, and says, “I’m getting this, one way or the other.”
She was just married not less than six months ago!!!
Get this, it was the only day ever, that I decided to wear any kind of
anything associated with PE to work, I had on a Thera-P wrist strap,
fortunately I had made it a lot thinner by cutting it down,
or I think she definitely would of felt it.
Is there no mercy?
She knows damn well, I’m going out with someone who works there too.

A while back, this really hot, black woman,
(she does beauty consulting on the side and could easily be a model)
is coming out of the bathroom as I’m going in it, she says, “Can I watch”?
I say, “Sure” thinking she’s kidding.
She came right in!!!
Well, I wasn’t going to stand there like an idiot, so I started to unbuckle my pants.
She says, “Wait, I’ll be right back” I’m like “Yea, sure you’ll be”
I couldn’t wait though, I really had to piss, so as I’m coming out,
she actually does come back!!!
She’s like, “Where you going”?
I’m like WoW!!! Damn!!! She’s serious!!!

If it’s one thing I know about the nurse’s I work with though,
it’s like they start freaking out if I’m gone too long.
It’s got to the point where I just say to them,
“Damn, you miss me that much”? They don’t even deny it!!!
I’m allowed two fifteen minute breaks a day, if I’m gone anything over
five minutes they start paging me.
It’s nice to be so highly regarded but man, gimme a break.

Knowing this, I say to her, “There gonna start paging me, if I take any longer.”
She starts making the chicken sound, you know, buuuk, buuuk, buuk
So I say, “Listen, a girl of your caliber deserves better than the bathroom.”
She goes, “That’s true, when you taking me out”?
I say, “Whenever you want” as were leaving.
I ended up going out with my current g/f before I ever had the chance.

I still can’t help thinking what it would have been like to take that luscious little thing,
bend her over the bathroom sink, burying over and over,
everything I have into her, while pulling back on her shoulders,
and watching her beautiful face in the mirror…Oh Yea!!!:babe5:

Between the crazy patients and the bold, flirting women,
there’s never a dull moment.


Oh you poor guy surrounded by women who want your cock, man I really feel bad for you……NOT

Wow you lucky SOB!!!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

My dear wife is reading an article on penis size in one of those “Hag Mags” when the following conversation occurs:

Wife: “Why are men obsessed with penis size?”

Me: “Because we’re tired of obsessing over how fat our thighs are?”

Wife: “Shut up, seriously. Why?”

Me: Because you women are, and we know it.”

Wife: “That’s silly. I never thought about dick size until I met you.”

Me: “You also never did anal until you met me.”

Wife: “You are an idiot. Seriously, I never talk about dick size, my girlfriends never talk about dick size. It’s you guys who go on and on about it. So why?”

Me: “Honey, who is the one reading an article about dick size?”

Wife: “The article is about men's obsession with dick size. It’s about how delicate you guys are about this subject.”

Me: “Speaking of delicate, I’m going to be really hurt if you fill in that “You Might Be Bulimic If….” quiz without me.”

Wife: “Has it ever occurred to you that women might not be concerned with dick size - that this obsession is simply a byproduct of your malfunctioning male ego?”

Me: “Uhhh…”

This is a very good thread. Props to Beenthere for the idea of “rethinking” the issue. In all of my time observing and contributing to the boards I can’t think of a subject that has been more distorted and more inaccurately portrayed.

For the sake of clarity I think the matter would be better served if it were split into two distinct categories:

1. Women out for a quick, good time

2. Women seeking a loving, long-term relationship

*Most women do not fit into category one, and for those who do it is more often a temporary “phase” - a fleeting period of post-adolescent or post-divorce/seperation experimentation.

*The vast majority of women fit into category two (this even applies in cases of infidelity).

*Very, very few women ever experience a much larger than average penis. They might hear of them, see them, some might even fantasize about them, but when you couple the small percentage of above average penises with the statistically small percentage of promiscuous women this point bears itself out.

*Even a majority of “promiscuous” women are less concerned with penis size than men would believe them to be.

Having had enough sexual experiences to have lost count somewhere in the mid-30’s - enjoying a fulfilling, monogamous 12 year marriage - as well as conducting dozens of informal “interviews” with women on the subject, I am of the mind that size matters very little to women in general - and even to those for whom it does matter, size will always take a back seat to a score of other more important features a man possesses and a woman finds desirable in a sexual partner.

The bottom line: Size matters far more to men than it does to women.

One other conclusion:

Originally Posted by Stretchin
Size matters, that’s why my dick is blue and brown and has a sharp pain in the left side.

This is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

Well, I just read this thread and almost nobody mentioned penis’s that are on the lower end of “average” or simply below.

Originally Posted by beenthere
I know you mean, but at least you are thicker and longer than I was. At 6 1/4 x 4/1/2, some people say that was fine. That it’s average (and some will even try to say that’s above average) and how you use it that counts. Not so in my case. I worked like hell at foreplay, but in the end it wasn’t ever enough to make me a great lay in their eyes. Simple as that. Sure, I might have been considered good by a few because of all the work I put into it.

I know you would go as far as to say you would choose average over big because the big guy often thinks all he has to do is show up. I still hold to the notion that average cannot get a 10 out of 10 rating no matter what he does. A big guy has the potential to get that 10 rating. Honest, that has very much been my life.

This post was really disheartening. And it basically means that as I am now, no woman will ever consider me a great lay. There is also the great possibility that every woman I have been with, wished I was bigger.


The next time a chick asks you if she looks fat, tell her the truth. It’s the same deal most chicks are smart enough and sensitive enough to know that dick size is a big issue with men.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)


Mrs. Hook knows that when I say “Baby, you have the fattest ass I have ever seen” I’m giving her the nicest compliment I can possibly offer.

It’s verbal foreplay in the Hook home.



I can only imagine the stuff lady hook has to endure

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Geez EZ, I thought I was reading a Danielle Steele novel, I had to go outside and smoke a cigarette after reading that!. Just kidding (sort of), yes I am envious, jealous, etc.. etc..

I guess size can matter in “micro” situations. A friends friend dumped a handsome stud guy pretty quick, when she saw or found out he was less than 3. In a way it’s shallow, but in another way, she knew it wasn’t going to work out.

Like Ricky Nelson sang, after getting booed out of Madison Square Garden, “You cant please everyone, so you have to please yourself”.

I’ve been with a great deal of women in my “career.” The vast majority have received orgasm (I am guessing from the claw marks in my chest or back followed by asking me to take a break or stop) and intense enjoyment. I really don’t know my starting stats, but I seemed bigger in college. Perhaps it was I just thought so damn highly of myself and size was not an issue.

Size for me, has really only been an issue when I came here and decided to measure my dick a few years ago. Ever since that day, now it is an issue for me more than ever. I almost wish I never came here, I wonder what would be different…

The point is this, I’ve slept with hundreds of women. 99% wanted to do it again and we did. I’ve made women cum, seen them cum, some obviously no, some cow pussies, some have told me that they have had bigger, but the guy couldn’t “move/work it” like me. She also kept coming back for more. That is an anomaly. A big dicked guy who was bad in bed. Alot of women cum, and then ask me to take a break or stop. I think my stamina and technique helps. More often than not, they are cumming first, and I’m waiting to cum. And the fact that I get super hard erections always helps.

Alot of women even try to hold me back, or say that I’m big. In fact, I’ve had quite a few women tell me that. Now, its possible that she has not really had a true big dick yet. Either way, they liked my performance.

How some of you guys talk about your average size like its the end of the world, the disgrace, and the shame, etc. is kind of lame. Sack up. What about the guy out there who’s dick might not work at all, or worse maybe born deformed or some shit like that.

I was talking with this guy the other day who said he was bed ridden for a few months and he contemplated suicide. The he saw a program on TV about a guy who lost both legs and was doing all this amazing shit with his life and renewed his will to live.

Your problem is minute. Nobody here has micro-penis. You have a working dick. Use it. If you would like to enlarge it, then do so.

I think ultimately, it comes down to you. Size does matter, or else I wouldn’t be here. But so does technique , stamina, and the rest of your body, and your brain. If size was the end all be all, then surely there is no way I would be able to do as well as I have done with the ladies. All the big dicked guys out there would have had it on lock-down, and this is not the case.

I have used what I had and can honestly say, I’ve wrecked shop up until this point. I’ve done just about everything a straight man can do and tried more positions and methods, ways to use it. I’ve even invented positions, that I’ve never seen before and told my friends about it for them to try. In short, in all honesty if I was this size for life I could deal with it and I know I can make it work. I think sex is more than just raw size. Its like boxing, styles make fights.

Have you maxed out the usage of your average dick? Have you done all you can with it? Have you learned how to use it in every way possible? Do you have the stamina of 3 men? Rock hard erections? Knowledge of positions? etc? Knowledge of Foreplay? If not, then you have no reason to cry or complain. So what if one woman said it was small. By law, you will not please everybody. Try again, or if you’re not married, go get another one. If you are, figure out how to use the damn thing to the best of your ability.

Since I have been with more than an average amount of women, I think I have a better handle on what ideal is, at least for me. I think talks of 9 to 10 in length and 7 in girth is just preposeterous, and borders on absurd, but if that is what it will take to make you happy go for it. You will see in the end you are really limited in the women who can use that and how they can use that. I think most of these guys are either compensating or have been seriously emotionally scared by a comment some one said. Its like if I wanted to be 300 lbs of muscle for example. Obviously, there are some other issues I need to deal with. 7-8 NBP is more than enough and ditto for 6 inches girth. Anything more kiss blowjobs and anal goodbye. Trust me, I’ve had so many blowjobs and they get tired with my 5+ inch girth now.

To sum it up: Get your size on. I’m not knocking it (I am am a member here). Especially if you are dead set on getting it and can’t live with out it. But by no means is your current size or lack thereof to be used as an excuse for your negative self image, negative perception of sex and the opposite and sex, and especially for you abilities in the sack and success with women.


"The world is a one way mirror. What they see, is what you see. What do you want people to see?" Women. If you're going to swing...swing for the fucking fences. "The reasonable man insists on adapting to the world. The unreasonable man persists on having the world adapt to him. Therefore, all progress in the world is made by the unreasonable man." "Success is not a surprise."

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Hell of a post, bbs !!

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