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Rethinking how much size matters to women

Some good discussion but I still think theres more then one way to reach a point, if you dont realise size isnt everything then you’ve allready lost more then you can gain PE-pro or not.

The only time I heard a women discussing someone with a small dick was to mock him, you would have to be seriously undersized for it to be the biggest problem in a relationship I reckon. One night stands are obviously different though.

I hope I’m appreciated for it and not hated

super is a quintessential good guy. Anybody who hates on super is just showing bad form.

It’s like yelling in the wind. I see that even if you don’t believe me, you still won’t at least understand that you could be wrong. I could be one of those women who don’t want to hurt a guy’s feelings. Easy to make that assumption considering I am a female on a PE forum. One would assume after all this time here and seeing women belittled here and there I would lash out and say something crude about size. Never happened. Never will. Not because I am a mod and I won’t want the wrath of Thunder on me or any of the other mods here, but because it’s not a thought in my head.

There once was a guy with a size I never imaged possible that begged me to berate his penis. I couldn’t do it. Not only because it was cruel but because it’s not in me. If you can’t use your penis I hope you have other measures to make up for what you might be lacking elsewhere. I did tell him I probably wouldn’t get much pleasure from him, but other than that he can’t help what he was born with and who am I to make fun of that. Sure there are sizes that just won’t cut it. And there are sizes where too much is just way too much. Does that mean I have size issues? Call it as you may, but I say no.

I think about men who have conversations around their “boys” that make them look like big shit and the different conversation they have with their significant other. They put on a front either way. When women talk about size they could be doing the same thing. Women want to look good around their friends just was well as men. They joke about things that they heard someone else laugh at and that laughing joke never dies. And because some men do wear their dick on their sleeve, it may as well make it easy for some women to insult their manhood as a means to get even. Doesn’t make it right, but flip the coin, men can say many things about women to insult and demean them and not think twice about. I know I’ve seen my share of cunts and bitches and such on here. Silly insults but just examples of all being fair in love and war.

My question is never really on “Does size really matter”, my question is usually, where the hell are these men finding these women. What hole did they dig and decide she must be the perfect mate. No matter how pissed off I get with my husband, I have never, ever used his size as a weapon against him. That would make me less of a person. Some insult cut deep and that is the goal of some people.

And when it comes to these polls…a lot of people really aren’t honest. And definitely not honest with themself. They feel they should say a certain thing because they think it is expected of them to say certain thing. While some young woman is debating that size may not matter, she is reminded of all the people who say here and there that size matter, maybe even hearing guys talk (because men fuel that fire as well) and they make a selection on a poll or a survey based on what society says, not what they really feel.

Regardless, if the majority of the women all over the world decided that size was what mattered, if there was no PE, no magic pills, no surgery or any other method one can conceive that could make your penis bigger, how would you get passed these thoughts? Many of men don’t know about PE and if they did wouldn’t do it still because it is a lot of work, maybe they feel it is against what God would want them to do, so on and so forth so they live with what they have with the best of their ability. With it all being so very hard, but they learn to love themselves as is. But PE does exist and the men here are aiming to do what is best according to some survey or based on what some insensitive heifer said one night or because she was just a straight up bitch. Or maybe they feel they could compete with men in the shower room with the men at the gym. Or maybe they are just doing it for themself. The best reason of all. If you consider what a SO feels that is great, but to just do it to please someone else would be just as wrong as Pamela Anderson and her breast confusion.

Anyway, I tell you I know I am not that unique and so my thoughts can’t be too different than other women out there. Don’t base you life on what you THINK a woman wants. Do it on what you want. And if someone important comes a long and she wants more, you know how to achieve more.

And yes, I know I don’t understand because I don’t have a penis, but I am a woman and despite what men say, we have a huge weight on our shoulders as far as living up to what society deems best. Or even men like you.

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Anything above these figures is just catering to size queens and cow pussies.


Very funny. But see below.

based on what some insensitive heifer said one night or because she was just a straight up bitch.

First, I have to say I am really not passionate about the issue. I try not to worry myself unnecessarily. Might sound arrogant, but it’s just the way I am.

Second, I am about to watch game two of the Finals. But after I open I know I’ll get pulled back, but here goes:

Life is not fair. It really is survival of the fittest. Our environment has been tamed to the extent that it is somewhat forgotten.

I am going to condense because of the reasons above. As this relates to penises and vaginas? Some men have small penises, it’s a fact. Some women have large vaginas, it’s a fact. Everyone is not created equal. That’s life.

Women with large vaginas shouldn’t have to apologize for it. And they shouldn’t have to not be satisfied because their partner isn’t filling the bill.

Everyone is not compatible. Not much more can be added to that. Compatibility is key. Men with small penises can pair up with women with small vaginas. Women with small vaginas do exist. I would expand but I am otherwise pre-occupied.

One more thing, I don’t think anyone can find a post where I am hating on a broad because she like large penises. I don’t hold it against a woman because she likes large penises. Anybody can call me what they want, but I try not to concern myself with things that don’t affect me?

Of course that’s biased and self serving, since I just happen to have a large penis. But in spite of how empathetic anyone tries to be, we are all limited by our experiences, specifics and circumstances…

I’d go on but I gotta watch some of this game.

Guys like to be taken seriously when doing something serious with a woman… Sex is serious! Somehow two people laughing while having sex seems preposterous.. I mean can you imagine it??

Size will most certainly get a girl’s attention, you can see it in their face and hear it in the sounds they make as it starts to sink in… Even if you are a pathetic, looser type of lover (like I was) there is a mighty false sense of security knowing “she damn well knew she got fucked!” For those of you who think I’m big, I would suggest taking another look at what anna nimity said as I believe it reflects what any girl with their head on her shoulders feels about this issue.. You’ve all heard about the dreaded X with the huge unit, right? Well what good did it really do him if his x hottie is now with you?

Wemon are fickle, they change their mind all of the time… I know at first my wife appreciated my size and when we were at the shrinks, dealing with our marriage issues this came out… I’m thinking wtf happened here because I was a giant compared to the “other guy”, how come my wife wanted to have sex with him more then me? Cold hard facts reveal that if your significant other is going to screw around on you, your penis size will not factor into why she had the affair… I fully believe that penis size is more important to guys then girls… Think about this:

“Hey frank, did you see the nuts hanging off that girl at the counter? Fuck ya! Let fred, Jeff and Tom know so they can see it.”

What if there was an attractive, small breasted woman who watched this take place, she perhaps hears some words and can see what she understands as a positive reaction Ms big tits is pulling from the guys… She will feel just like a man does when he walks into an office of wemon and they are all talking about Mr. Horse cock nude dancer they watched the previous night…

I for one like knowing I have a girls attention when I’m pounding it so I’m not the pot calling the kettle black… Size matters most to us guys and knowing I really don’t need any more I’m doing it because I’m a stubborn bastard and I need some more length for me…

My wife is clearly not as tight as she was when we first met and if a woman gets larger from fucking a big dick then where does it stop LOL… My .02


beenthere, the main thing is this: Most women WANT more, but they’ll take what they can get. Size DOES matter, women DO want bigger, but most will (again) take what they can get. Very few women are size queens (i.e. want nothing less than 10”x7” or some equally absurd expectation)…most will enjoy cock no matter what it’s like.

In any event, don’t let some bullsh!t on some websites you frequent make you stray from PE. Just because women don’t really care what it is as long as it’s cock doesn’t mean they won’t enjoy more of it. Keep up the PE regardless. =)

The way it works in Dino’s world since becoming big and being single again. I’m a decent looking guy I can be funny sometimes but I’m pretty dirt poor these days with the computer field being down and going through a divorce so I can’t impress chicks with money or cars but I have found that if I can close the deal and get the chick into bed she is mine. The last year I have been able to hit bottom on every chick I have slept with and most have had kids. And I never ask but I’m pretty sure I have been the biggest they have been with due to comments they have made. So size doesn’t matter to get the girl into bed you need a personality for that but if you have a big dick and you know how to use it and your good with your mouth and your not a selfish lover your going to be the King and you will get away with stuff most guys wouldn’t.

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Originally Posted by anna nimity
There once was a guy with a size I never imaged possible that begged me to berate his penis. I couldn’t do it. Not only because it was cruel but because it’s not in me. If you can’t use your penis I hope you have other measures to make up for what you might be lacking elsewhere. I did tell him I probably wouldn’t get much pleasure from him, but other than that he can’t help what he was born with and who am I to make fun of that. Sure there are sizes that just won’t cut it.

How big was that guy?? Guess the best you can.

What is unclear to me is just how many women everyone that posted thinks this size matters applies to. I think I’m doing a difficult thing trying to put percentages on it like I did in my first post in this thread. I’m bound to be inaccurate I know.

Your post was good and clear. Still, I’m not sure how many women you say this applies to. Do you agree with my percentages? What adjustments would you make if you had to try and put percentages beside the different brackets? Would you condense or expand the categories?

Do you think my chart is unapplicable? I admit that I have trouble coming to complete understanding of the ideal size but doesn’t matter idea. I’m so much a left brain thinker perhaps it’s hampering my abilty to fully grasp everything you say. Most of what you say I fully agree with. It’s those intangibles that elude me some. :)

If you put your best estimate on it, what would you say it is? Of course, this is considering everything else being equal (looks, money, etc). Do you consider it futile to put percentages in my first post in this thread?

Boys have penises and girls have vagina’s :wave:


What has surprised me in the past is how many nurses are bulge watchers. They see naked men all the time! So that caught me off guard at a hospital a while back to see their interest in men’s packages wasn’t deminished. If anything, it seemed heightened.

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Women can develop emotional needs that outweigh size issues. I don’t see how physically he could follow your size and her have enjoyed it very much. Not immediately anyway. Too big a change. Just because she wanted to have sex with him more than you at one time doesn’t really sway my mind about that.

Never looked at it that way beenthere, I see what your saying. I’ve tried very hard to understand the emotional side of females but I’ve been rather slow to figure it out.

I honestly think most decent women want enough to get the job done, 6.5-7.5 EL by 5-6 EG and still be visually exciting. My wife had a real “freak of nature” as she put it before we were together and it was not a big deal. According to her he as an arrogant jerk and was pretty selfish in bed. He was always talking about his huge dick, telling her his measurements and even snapped a polaroid of it and gave it to her. All this did was make her think he was too obsessed. She said the reality was that she felt she had to stay “guarded” during sex to keep the slamming against the cervix to a minimum(hurt and was like a shot to the balls for us), and she hurt for days after. He did not get her off and guess what, SHE DUMPED HIM! Bottom line, bad kisser, jerk, her friends couldn’t stand him, etc…..

I am 7.5BPEL 5.5EG(mid) and honestly cannot get off too well in the doggy position with her. She has a shallow pussy and I literally have to “back out” a little in this position because I bottom out so bad her cervix kind of plugs off the flow of cum. It feels like it backs up in my urethera and the sensation is painful until I back up an inch or so to let it go. If I go too hard for too long she is sore so I know my equipment is getting it done.

I personally am so close to the magic figure it seems a shame not to at least try just so I can bust those two marks on the tape. This may make some visual difference but it will mainly be more for my satisfaction. My wife’s opinion is that the “whole package” of a man is way more important than just dick size. If you are hung like a pony but the rest of you is not up to par, all you become is a “living dildo”! Who wants to be that? She had that and honestly wanted more…………..

danay69 -

Awesome post. I hope we’ll hear your voice here more.

beenthere -

In a sense, size matters to ALL women: no matter how big or small her pussy, there will be potential penis sizes that are too big or too small. Even a cow pussy would be busted by a 12x8 cock (I hope??), and even the tightest girl isn’t going to have good intercourse with a guy who suffers from micropenis. For an average-sized vagina, it does seem, based on guys’ experiences here, that somewhere around 7.5x5.5 or 8x6 nbp is ideal for hitting all the right spots without pain.

But the main determinant of how much size matters to a given woman, in my opinion, is how much she likes intercourse in comparison to oral sex. There are many women out there — possibly a majority — who prefer the orgasms from good oral sex to those from intercourse, no matter how big and skilled the guy is. Likewise, there are guys who prefer BJs to sex, although they are fewer. To straightforwardly answer your question, my best guess would be:

10% - could care less about size, as long as it doesn’t hurt her (intercourse is mainly just for your pleasure, she craves oral much more)
70% - size has a non-negligible impact on sexual satisfaction, but it isn’t absolutely key (oral can be at least equally satisfying)
15% - size has a big impact on sexual satisfaction (intercourse is her thing, plus she isn’t too tight)
5% - COW PUSSY! small dicks don’t do anything for her. you can park a buick in this garage


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