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Rest days and PC Flexes.... !!!!


I got it in an adult bookstore, but you can get your hands on a copy by going to They have it, I believe. Type “Penis enlargement” into the search engine and it should come up.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

This makes a good case for pumping after a workout, especially with a pulsating pump like a CTC, which was designed with the idea of getting fresh blood and stuff into the member. I’ll add a 30 minute light pump session to my hanging workout.



Well, guys, all this is very interesting. Like most of you, I like playing with my willy and the trouble with doing the PE exercises is that I want to carry on to an orgasm. But what has been discussed here is much like the stop/start technique that primes your pump by getting near to orgasm then letting it subside several times. Well, my willy doesn’t subside, but the desire for orgasm goes off, then I keep building it as many times as I can.

I agree that erection is excellent for the health of your willy cos it keeps loads of oxygenated blood in the little chap, and that blood also contains heaps of nutrients and our marvellous testosterone. If you ejaculate, however, the whole thing will shut down and any time you’ve spent on PE is really wasted because of the massive recovery operation that is then carried out. I mean, it gears up for reproduction (remember that’s the whole goal of sex in nature?) and nothing else will count, including PE.

Thus, if you want maximum benefit for size in your willy, then you need to conserve all the work you’ve put into the PE session by resisting turning into a wank with ejaculation. I can’t hand on heart say I keep to this, but I do try. And I’ve put on three quarters of an inch since I started PEing last April.

To finish - I think the stop/start described at the start of the thread is a great idea because, in the end, blood’s what’s gonna do it for us. And, yeah, since starting PEing, I have such boners in the night they wake me up sometimes. So I’ve benefited in lots of ways.

Peace to all



First off, welcome aboard. You finally made it overhere from the BP Forum. That one is slowly dying, I think.

Anyway, great post.

I heard what you just said and what I read a few times. I tried the method and gained about 0.3 inches in 2 months. I don’t know if I should solely credit that method, I think when everything comes together, the priming of your dick (execises) and the Phallic Cultivation - man, I like that term - it can give one great gains.

Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

I have two things I want to refute. Firstly, I’ve heard that the sudanese arabic secret stuff is hogwash. I’ve seen posts of people who knew Sudanese arabs who were met with nothing but awkward stares when they asked them about their secret penise growing techniques. Maybe they were just worried that the cat was out of the bag! Moreover, if this were some kind ancient arabic rite, then women who hunger for well hung dudes would be chasing arabs and not black guys!

Secondly, It is patent nonsense to think that erections=growth. That is to say, masturbation does not increase the size of your johnson. I jerk off on average-and I am not friggin kidding here- about eight times a day(I’ve done it 15 times once), and my unit is just nbp 6x6 inches. More jerking off does not equal a larger penise, only bad grades in school!

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