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Rest Day Paranoia


For me, PE is just something that is a part of a regular day. 10 minutes jelqing before my morning shower and that’s it. I don’t usually get worked up about not doing PE. We all need rest days (except DLD!) but if more jelqing meant bigger gains then I would PE till the cows came home.

The only reason I’m bugging out is because I read Newbie’s post about his infrequent training and still getting gains. Don’t you have to progressively increase the workload in order to keep gaining? How can you keep doing the same thing over and over and keep getting results? Confusing. Also, how can you be ready for another five day week after only two rest days? So far, it’s been working for me, but nothing stellar, and I can’t help but think I could be getting better gains some other way, through some other schedule.

I’ll ask it again: How long do you think on average it takes for a dick to fully recover from a jelqing session? 12 hours? 24? Genital tissue heals pretty fast, and a dick can take a bit of punishment, but I’m still not sure. I just took off for four days and I plan to resume my routine today.

And what is this “pump” some of you talk about? After a good session, my dick will hang pretty large for a little while, then it just reverts back to what it was pretty quickly. Am I doing something wrong?

I guess I’ll just persevere and see what works. I hardly ever get sore anymore, which leads me to believe I have to clock in more hours per week jelqing. I guess I’ll eventually find out what “clicks” for me. The only soreness I might feel is on my skin from the friction, and if I feel it’s too raw to continue, then I’ll take a day off…. and obsess the whole time that I’m losing size.

How long do you think on average it takes for a dick to fully recover from a jelqing session?
I just looked but couldn’t find it, but somewhere, someone stated 6 hours. I do not remember who, but seems to me it was someone who’s opinion I trusted. I cannot substantiate the 6 hour rule, but I will look further for that particiular posting.

DLD takes no rest days, and he’s one of the major players here - and I remember coming across a post of RB’s on the other site, something akin to avoiding rest days, perhaps he could chime in on this.

Meanwhile, here’s this thread on several different views on resting.

PE Compulsion on Holiday

I posted earlier in this thread about my increased compulsion to PE every day. Last Friday I had decided to take three days off because of the strong opinions I’ve read concerning rest.

Well, that didn’t happen! The unexpected privacy I got on Fri and Sat extended into Sunday as well. I PE’d for close to 7 hrs over the course of the weekend.

With all that exercise, I managed to grow a major “donut” behind my glands and put a large bruise on the right side of my penis.

Since things are a little sore down there right now, I guess it’s my compulsive behavior that’s going to have to take a a couple rest days!

Let me say this cuz it may be helpful to some. I have always trained everyday with the exception of injuries. I had a huge fear of taking time off when I got injured. I thought I would loose my gains, shrink all sorts of shit. Luvdadus was very supportive of my time off and encouraged me to do so. During my rest (about 30 days) I did not lose any gains at all. When I came back I actually made very nice gains. I think that there is benefits to every type of PE program. My program of training everyday has really helped with endurance and the ability to train harder. For some people rest days=healing time. This does not mean one way is better than the next, it means that we all respond to different training techniques. I do not have the fear of time off any longer, thanks to Luvdadus…but I ahave also found that I truly love PE-ing everyday.

The concern I have with a daily PE program is how much is beneficial to growth and how much is overkill and unproductive? This is a question that each user needs to address honestly.

Link to the DLD Blasters Soon to be Triple

This is a question that each user needs to address honestly.
Well said DLD.

I would submit further, most guys do not workout hard everytime. If you don’t feel up to a particular routine, then that’s your body saying …Ease up…


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