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Resonance PE?


Yep, definitely hype. Good way to get on a spam list if you’re looking to.


Absolute Bullshit

I came across that link before. It’s the biggest Bullshit I’ve seen so far. It doesn’t even give you ANY kind of clue on how this shit might work.


Make it huge....!

Uncut4Big / Mike

Typed in a fake email and I got a MySql error, definate HYPE!

I think it’s a goof more than hype.

Or maybe a way to getnude photos to make money at a XXX site.

It’s bullshit. Check out this thread.

It looked like nothing more than an e-mail harvesting site for penis enlargement spam. I didn’t see the other thread until you linked to it so I apologize for dragging it out again like a wet dog to stink up the place. I also entered in a fake e-mail address and got SQL errors.

Oh well, guess the lowest form of marketeers have to resort to something to hook us these days. Most people now have learned enough to smell bullshit without even having to step out into the field. Makes it hard for those predators who make their living this way.

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