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Requesting help: AIM convo, please!

Requesting help: AIM convo, please!

Hey, I joined here a long time ago, and I tried PE. I eventually quit, just because I didn’t have enough time and didn’t feel like I would need a bigger penis. Eventually, I realized that I would really like a bigger unit, and that I now have the time and dedication. My only problem is that I have so many questions. It just seems to me that the more I read, the more out of touch I am! So I come to you wondering if any of you experienced, seasoned vets wouldn’t mind helping me get back into the PE thing. I’m wondering if a conversation over AIM or something would be possible, because I have so many questions and I don’t know what to do about certain things.

Oh yeah, heres how this relates to, and benefits, everyone else:

Why don’t we set up a list of people who are experienced PEers who could talk to some newbies who have questsions. Have the people make alternate screennames on AIM (or their preferred program) so that they don’t get PE IMs all the time, and post the list on the forums so that anyone that needs help could directly ask? Just an idea.

hmm... yeah...


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