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Request favour from Geman speaker

Request favour from Geman speaker

I was reading the site, and came across a reference to tribal penis stretching which it claims has an article as follows: “Stern” magazine Issue No. 49 dated 30 November 1995.

I assume this is referring to the magazine at, but since my German language is poor, I wonder if anyone who can read that site could tell me if the article is available on line or can be purchased as a back issue.

Any guidance much appreciated


I went to that site and ran a number of searches, but I couldn’t find anything. My German is far from perfect, but it’s passing.

I did find a link for a German PE guide, supposedly created by a medical doctor:

“…enlarge your penis by 3-10 centimeters… at home!”

He states that the majority of your growth will occur in about the first 6 months, for most guys, but if you continue your gains will eventually slow to about only 1 cm per year.

He also claims that the average gain is 5 cm (about 2” EL) - which is a pretty damn big claim.

I found this word also: “Jelqübung” LOL

If your dick starts at <2” then I can believe that you could gain 10cm. For anyone else though I would expect results to be less dramatic since lower starters seem to be better gainers.

I’ve noticed that penisplus and their German couterpart make note of gains of less than 6 months not being too permanent. I guess this translates to our version of ‘cemented’ gains, though it does seem like a long time compared to our group experiences. Personally I would liken it to 2-3 months at most, but hey,when there’s money involved…

Im German
I have just read a bit for you. The post of wadzilla refers to a book which I and my PE mates discussed. It is almost the same like thunders or Matter of Size but you have to pay and no feedback from a community. So why buying a book which learns you enlarging the Penis if its possible for free?

Furthermore they want to fool with the time you can expect gains. 2 inches in 5 weeks! HAHAHAHAH
Who believes?

Penisplus was also a theme the guys who have worn it told me the head of their dicks got cold after wearing it 30 min max. The Producer wants that it is worn for 5 hous / day minimum. They had gains but not much as normal PE because it pulls your dick too weak! Additional to PE its ok but not worth its money.

I hope I could help at least my English got strenghtened a bit :D


PS : I only Jelq for 3 month now with very low errection level and gained 1,2 cm Errected lenght.
(1/2 inch I guess)

Thanks Werner.

It is the tribal article that I’m most interested in though, since the penisplus site uses it as a reference to the validity of the theory of all day stretching. The reason I’m interested in the article rather than the product is that I’m currently trying to develop a model of the amount of force versus time under tension in PE, and to work out where is optimum for most of us.

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