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Removing Vaseline

Removing Vaseline

You guys notice vaseline almost completely repels water? The best way I know to get this stuff off is with a dry towel. First wipe down with a dry towel. Once sufficiently dry, then water and soap can get it off.

Or the easiest way, wipe off with a dry towel, then powder the areas that were exposed.

Anybody got a better way?

Originally Posted by deadeye3200

You guys notice vaseline almost completely repels water?

Yea, it’s a hydrophobic substance….Damn vaseline.

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Doesn’t soap work? It’s supposed to “cut” through greese. If that doesn’t work, try paint thinner.

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Yes, and a very fine place for MRSA to harvest. Be careful with the Vaseline for the reasons already stated, I have yet to find a more effective lubricant and skin barrier though.


HAHAHAHHAHAHA! Paint thinner! LMAO! Dude, if you do that, I will laugh at you….

The only power a woman has over you is that which you give her.

Olive oil works great, imo. Dish soap seems to work decently with vaseline.

I agree, good old dish soap, like Lemon Joy seems to cut through it better than bar soap. Lanolin based mechanics’ Hand Cleaner works fairly well sometimes too, if it’s the smooth stuff, not the kind that has the abrasive grit in it. :eek:

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This lube question is driving me nuts. I’ve only used KY and Vaseline. PE’ing for a month now.
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KY: Expensive, USD $ 4 for a 2 oz. Tube. I use only a single large bead. Constant water reapplication. The water reapplication has two drawbacks, uneven strokes from slippage and erection control (too easy to get a hard-on right after water application). I possibly need to use a larger amount, PE is rougher than sex after all, and perhaps a bead is not enough. But then the costs go up even more. I was surprised to find out that Costco doesn’t sell it in bulk, if they did it would probably be in a half gallon jar, could you imagine the looks at checkout? So KY is relegated to sex only.

Vaseline: I think it works great. The dense viscosity aids in slow strokes (I can get a nice 5 second jelq on a 5-inch plumped state). I just use a healthy fingertip and it lasts for my jelq session of 15-20 minutes. I warm down in the shower removing the Vaseline with soap. I do have to soap the shit out of my johnson though. Now I’m reading it’s a great place for infections to hide out, from clogged pores, I assume. I have also read about Vaseline causing the skin to dry out and discoloration?!

ALICE HOOPER (regarding infection): How aggressive we’re you in getting Vaseline off? What method (showering, only toweling off, etc.) ?

ANYBODY (comments regarding dry skin, discoloration): Again, was this because you left Vaseline on or poor removal? Do you have naturally dry skin? I have remarkably soft skin. (I’ve worn sandals all summer before, no cracked feet, I spent a summer relandscaping my mother’s backyard, removed about ten trees and their bitch stumps and my hands remained soft without any lotion). Was discoloration a side effect of the dry skin or independent side-effect of Vaseline? Did your problems happen relatively quickly, or was it from prolonged use?

ALTERNATIVES: I’ve read that a lot of people like baby oil. Don’t know much about it other than it presumably goes on babies. Will I have the same problems with baby oil that I have with KY jelly? Does it avoid the dryness, discoloration, infections? Is it expensive?

Feel free to answer how you want. I don’t want this to get too off topic, HIJACKERS should die (at least the airplane-type). I’m just looking for:
1) those that have had problems with Vaseline, could it have been avoided by better cleaning, or is it just non-ideal lube and I should eventually expect some of these problems?
2) a good alternative.

Feel free to private message me.

Wet wipes. I have to manually remove it from the cylinder and me.

Water soluble lotions didn’t cut it. I have to use good old Vaseline.

Vaseline doesn’t work well for me. I find it to be abrasive, and not nearly ass effective as liquid KY—or a substitute, such as Equate.

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There has been a lot of posts about the joys of olive oil, cocoa butter etc. Here is one: Common household lubes for jelqing

Personally, I prefer baby oil but make sure it is based on vegetable oil - some brands are petroleum based, and at least the one I’ve tried (Johnsons baby oil) has a quick-drying slimy feel to it. The vegetable based ones seem to go into the skin rather than just coat it. I find that the vegetable based ones are better for babies, too.


Originally Posted by ironsidefires
ALICE HOOPER (regarding infection): How aggressive we’re you in getting Vaseline off? What method (showering, only toweling off, etc.) ?

It shall Mr. Hooper to you from now on. I still use the shit, and when you use it lets say 6-10 times a day for 10 to 20 minutes it has the ability to clog up pores, no matter if you used paint thinner to get it off like the chap in earlier post said. I did not say shit about it causing infection, but it surely didn’t help mine clear because of the wonderful ability petroleum jelly has of clogging skin pores. ;)

Paint thinner… :-k
I use to use gasoline to get paint off my hands… then you need some good soap to get the gasoline off though, and don’t smoke! :idiot:

Or you could just use baby oil, I find it works the best of all, and doesn’t need to be reapplied as often as lotion. It washes off well with soap and water.

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I use vaseline and baby oil. I just use regular liquid hand soap to get it off.

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