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Removing penis discoloration with DMSO,ALA and Vit C


Presume you make up the cream yourself? Could you provide exact recipe?? I’ll give it another go.

See post 23 above for the recipe.

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MM, is your skin obviously peeling or flaking off everywhere it is becoming lighter? I strongly suspect the exfoliating effect is what provides any results, not local chelation. A while back I burned a small spot of shaft skin using a rice sock that was too hot. It has healed with no obvious scar tissue. The new skin isn’t discolored.

I can’t say for sure, Hobby, but you might be right. The area that peeled off is now pink and perfect. The area that did not peel is still discolored, but I think it’s lighter than it was just a couple of weeks ago.

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Hobby is correct. In frustration of the discoloration on the underside of my unit, I decided to “scrub” it really well with a wash cloth. Let’s just say that I was a bit over-zealous in my scrubbing which resulted in friction burns on the skin. When the burned areas healed, they were the color that my skin used to appear.

I tried to spot rub one other time to assure myself that this worked, and, despite the pain, it did.

Just can’t seem to muster the insanity of going for the full burn!

On a side note, ALA did nothing for my discoloration; however, I hand-mixed the batch from GNC ALA capsules (perhaps it wasn’t ALA-R or whichever one of the 2 is supposed to be effective). I wonder if it was the retinol that was working its magic…

I await the warmer weather for some roasted wiener action to see what that does. If it fails, I’m on to something else. Maybe an $85 purchase of some fine woman’s cosmetic or maybe the big scrub.


Are you nuts?!

I’m glad we have the free info now! Now I just need to build up to a method of burning the skin… Hmmm… Doesn’t sound like fun though…

See Ya,


Hmm. If a guy can afford the down time maybe a chemical peel is the way to go. We would need to find something stronger than most OTC stuff but not too strong. Any ideas on what percentage/ph of glycolic acid to use? Or maybe stick with lactic acid? This gives an idea of the strengths available.

Sorry to be simplistic but is maybe an ice pack the solution? It looks just like bruising and ice is considered the best for that.

I once used Compound W (wart remover) on part of my wang. It was not because of a wart, it’s a long story. Anyway, the skin in that area got sort of hardish and after a few days it peeled off and the skin underneath was much less discoloured.

It’s not really painful or anything. If you have small areas of discolouration you could definitely try this, I don’t know about larger areas though. The size of the area I applied the stuff to was about half the size of a dime.

At the moment I do have some discolouration which I don’t like at all. It’s like a ring about the width of a quarter around the middle of my shaft. I might try this to see if it works. I just don’t know whether I want to try it on such a large area.


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