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Sparkyx, it was some online profile I discovered, I don’t know her personally.

Swinteck, yeah, it’s good to get back into the swing of things, it feels good just to know you have potential to make progress! Are you using any form of heating? I’m going to try and discover and utilize an infrared heat lamp, but have failed to find one.

Someone on hear suggested a particular type of store, but I stiff haven’t had any luck.


Yes, I use a variety of heating devices (rice sock, hot shower, hot towel wrap), depending on what’s convenient on a given day. (I have a roommate, which influences all of these decisions). Also, another thing I’ve noticed is that stretching causes my dick to become slightly erect, which makes it impossible to stretch. So after heating it up, I usually have to do about ten minutes of light stretching and jelqing, and then let things completely cool off for about twenty minutes, and then stretch again. For some reason, my dick becomes a lot softer and more flexible after this waiting period.

I believe the girl in the avatar is dawn stone. I knew the hours of porn would finally pay off.


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