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Do any of you on this board regret PEing?

Yes, I wish I knew of this shit when I was 14! Damnit!!!!!!! I could have been huge! All those years I could have been having the best time of life. Unhindered by this bullshit we call hangups. My whole late teens to mid 20s pissed away.

I would like to ask more specifically, has anyone had any permanent damage, ED or otherwise?

On a more positive note, how much have you gained twatteaser?


Great response, TT. Same for me.


I’ve made some mistakes along the way attributable to too much enthusiasm on my part for one exercise or another but no damage I haven’t been able to correct or stop.

As for ED, I had it when I began PE thanks largely to a medication I took for years not knowing that it was going to give me a whack in the groin down the road. I still need some help from erectile drugs but the severity of my ED is far, far less today now that I have a lot of blood moving regularly in there.

Further to ED and PE: If you beat yourself up, you are likely going to pay a price. You’ve seen the posts. Guys crank too much and then they can’t get it up for awhile.

A useful thing to do is this (at least I think so): At the end of whatever routines you do, always try to get yourself hard as your “finale.” That way you know you haven’t done something that interferes with your erectile process. If you can’t get it up, reflect on exactly what it was you did in those routines that might have contributed to any dysfunction you might experience and don’t do that again until you have conditioned yourself for it.

Much better to gain real slowly than to have a cock you can’t use, even temporarily. And, leaving your PE for the day with a flag waving is a real positive way to end it.




Sometimes I wish I never heard of PE I never even really though about my dick until I started seeing all the make you dick bigger programs on the net. And while I was normal sized 6.25x5.5 I started thinking about it.
And than one night while my wife and her girlfriends were drinking I heard them talking about dick size they didn’t know I was listening, and let me tell you given the choice they all wanted the big one so the next day slightly over 2 years ago I was searching the internet for info on PE and I found a yahoo club that led me to the old peforum and since than I have put a huge amount of time into pe and the pe boards. Now don’t get me wrong I love my gains having a 8x6.25 dick is f-ing great. But now I can’t stop it takes up to much time and it seems to take more and more of an effort to get a gain. Sometimes I think this time could be better spent, but I know I can’t stop and I guest there are worse thinks to be hooked on.


Dino, that post kinda drilled me.

You mentioned that it was never an issue for you previously - you just went about things and were satisfied - then you overheard a conversation.

You got a 8 x 6.25 wang and you’re not satisfied? Man, something’s up there. Because I don’t think it was just overhearing that conversation that tripped your wire. I think you had a booby trap that just had to be sprung. Now it has been, you got a mammoth weiner, and you can’t stop.

You mentioned all the time you’ve put into this. If I knew you in person I’d really be hammering you about what on earth is driving you. Compulsive? How many of us here have compulsive problems? Probably about 98%…. My compulsive nature concerns me more than having a big dick, to be honest.

I don’t know - just thinking out loud. I’d like to be a bit bigger, but if I had a choice, I’d like to be more mentally & emotionally sound and not even deal with this crap. In reality, that is much, much harder. Maybe in time I will be and realize what I got is fine and what I’ve added is fine, too. And it’s enough.

Hope I haven’t run over anyone, especially you, Dino.

Dino thats exactly what happened to me. I never thought about it until I got a email on penis enlargement and started investigating. It was bad timing to, I was on interferon for hep C at the time, which had my mind all screwed up. I could relate to what DLD is going through, that was me. I sure would like to string that Doc up by his nuts for putting me on that shit. That was almost 2 years ago and things are a lot better now, but still not the same as post pe, other than I do have a bigger dick now. Also I can’t stop with pe, I am not really getting any gains now, but my unit just fills better after working it out. Maybe someone should start a PE Anonymous, ha! ha!.



The conversation got me started, but now it’s like a drug I can’t stop. I like the feel of my dick all huge and fat after a workout I like being able to hit all the spots when I’m with a girl. I like catching girls looking at my crotch. You know how you feel when your working out for say 6 months and than you miss a couple of days and you feel like you shrunk well thats how I feel with PE.
See the thing is I like doing PE but before I knew about it I was happy the way I was. And don’t worry you didn’t run over me I enjoyed your post.

1 quest

It’s hard to stop I always seem to want it a little bigger I think if I can get to 9x7 that would really be something. But I’m really not as driven as I was to hit 8. In fact I’m going to be working huge hours soon and I’m not going to have that much time, so I’m going to have to deal with it.


Cool. I think the thing I am most thankful for is that once I arrive at my ideal size I can maintain it with a minimum after about a year of down-toned PE. It’s not going to be this thing that continues to eat up time in my life. I figure on down the line I’ll just do a few stretches and a moment of jelqing in the shower every AM. I know it’s not going to shrink over night!

I’ve taken a year off from PE twice with minimal loss of gains with NO PE whatsoever. I lost about 1/8” length and probably the same girth after a year and a half of no PE.

I would love to have 9x7, but even more I’d love to receive good oral and be able to fit in my wife. My current goal is 8” BPEL which is 1/2” more than what I have. Once there I’ll probably take another year off and then evaluate whether I want more.


what have your gains been like?


My friend think of me when you reach your goal and than make another new goal, it ain’t easy to stop. You know it just never seems to look big enough. Look at the big guys on the board Bigger “bib: is the only one that stopped but he hit 10 inches first,
DLD is over 9 and still going, phat is over 9 and still going a guy Big Bob on the PE forum is almost 10 inches and still going. But shit I can quit anytime I want ,,,really,,,,, oh shit it’s 10pm and I have to do a squeeze and jelq 45 min workout………………oh well I can quit next time


Dam I’m still going and going like that f-ing energizer bunny, I just need a .5 length gain and a .5 girth gain and than I get off this ride. Why do I need to me 9x7 can anybody answer that question most likely not because your all as sick as me. I really need to be focusing on other things in my life but I can’t concentrate until I reach my goal, MUST REACH GOAL MUST REACH GOAL REACH GOAL . I’m not obsessed with PE at all but I MUST REACH GOAL. In fact I’m sure I could quite tomorrow. Really!

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

Ditto Dino, we need to get this shit over with.

"It doesn't matter where you start, it only matters where you end up."


You and me brother playing horse shoes at thunders retirement home for X pe junkies, I’m hoping sometime this summer for sure.

I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work. Thomas Edison (1847-1931)

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