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Registration is open for 1,000 new members


Registration is open for 1,000 new members

Maybe some of the guys that tried to buy their way in with donations will actually donate. I hope so, the first of the month is coming soon and we sure could use the help.

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Make a Donation This place runs on donations, help out if you can. Thanks.

What made you change your mind about opening to new members, Chief?

I know one guy who wants in. I will call him tonight.

Just what you guys need, another know it all swinger. ROTF

Originally Posted by ThunderSS



If you ever need me to up my monthly, just let me know. I give what I can but would always dig deeper if other members don’t make up the slack.

I’m excited to see if we get some good new posters! There have been quite a few great additions lately that contribute to posting very well.

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I think that in times of economic crisis like the ones we are living, it would be absolutely normal to open up registration under the condition of a one-time entrance donation… Nothing wrong about this, imho…

Hmmm… programming-wise?

I’m sure that there are some members out there that would be more than glad to help out on this one - so that you wouldn’t have to actually do anything.

I think, he would need a Merchant account because paypal would not allow it.

If your short this month let me know. I really should be giving more anyway with all the bandwidth I waste on useless post.

Should see something via PPal.

I’ll try to help out when I can. Thanks for opening it up.



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