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RediStretcher and AutoADS

RediStretcher and AutoADS

Hi there I’m thinking of ordering both the PE devices.

I have an Autoextrender which I’m very happy with, but because of my recent hydrohernea(operation on my balls ;p) I can’t use it because now my left nut is higher than before and won’t move from it’s place :(

I need a ball extender which I’m hoping will be out soon, and if it works on me it should work on anyone. Since my is what you call it, erm, with stitches.. Well anyway stuck there.

Anyway! :)

Erm, I had a circumsicion done, and I’m a bit worried about getting skin stretching which I hate that’s why I got it in the first place, and I’m worried about how uncomfortable/comfortable it will be when wearing either of these.
So the question goes to all you who have either or both.

How comfortable is the Redi-Stretcher, and the AutoADS, on the glans, etc.?
How long can you wear the Redi-Stretcher and/or AutoADS for?

Thanks in advance!

P.s please please tell me it’s a joy :P

P.s oh and would tps and monkeybar reply please?

Hi Darkreign. Skin stretching is often a necessary part of PEing. It appears some people need it to allow for growth, while others have plenty and it’s not a limiting factor. Skin stretch can be limited with hanger/skin placement and glans comfort can be increased with a good wrap which both take practice and I definately recommend starting with light weights.

As far as your recent procedures, if it was me, I’d make sure I was completely healed and then wait a little bit longer just in case. I also wouldn’t jump right into hanging, but get any gains and condition your penis with the standard newbie routine first if you’re not already doing that.

Good luck. :)

I am completely healed, but there’s no harm in being careful. It’s been just about 3-4 months.


As TPS said, skin stretching is a must. The good news is that most of the stretching is done near the base. It hasn’t increase my foreskin, but my hairline is definitely down the shaft.

How long ago did you get it cut. The adult circumcision takes long time to heal and you want to be very careful.

The AutoADS is a light pressure device. I guess when compared to extender or hanger, its easier on the glan. Based on my beta testing, when it was used as a “true” ADS device, most testers reported that they were using it for 3-4 hours per session. When heavier force was used, the average time was about 2 hours per session. Again, heavier force is relative here as this is an ADS device.

Hope that answer your question.

I think that’s the first time on this forum I’ve heard turkey neck described as a “good news” but I have a terrible memory.

I think he was more concern with foreskin.


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