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Red Spots

Red Spots

when I used the PJ I would get those “red spots” that seem to be so common among PE’ers. Now that I’m using my hands, I don’t get these spots anymore. Am I working hard enough?

Red spots are not a good indication of if you are working effectively. It may be that your experience with the PJ has conditioned you.

Are you getting good engorgement? That is a better way of judging.


I have been getting red spots latley.

I am wondering does this lead to a major injury such as ED etc. If i recive red spots like everyday?



Red Spots come and go for me. The more intense my routine the better change I have of seeing them. I don’t think any one sign should be a definite indication of a good workout because there are times that I know I have had a solid workout but some of these signs do not materialize.

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I pretty much get a few red spots a week, but I don’t take any rest days and they still go away on their own. But it seems I have another problem now…I have a pretty big (small, but bigger than red spots) dark spot, does anyone know what this is? Should I do my jelq session today?

Spots of various size come and go for me. If it’s only discoloration and is not a hard or raised lump then it’s likely burst capillaries and will probably repair itself in a day or two. Anything bigger than a “spot” may indicate a more significant problem which would indicate the need for a rest period.

Thanks guys, yep mine go away in about 12 hours.


After only a week of jelqing manually, I can definitely feel a difference. I doubt there has been any growth yet, but performance-wise, jelqing has been a boon.
I jelqed five days out of this week (also stretched beforehand). Morning wood is harder than concrete. My last jelq day was Saturday, and that night I went to my girlfriend’s house… It was like somebody slipped me a Viagra. It’s funny because I actually had half a pill on me and didn’t even use it!
All we did the following Sunday was sex. My dick is actually sore from fucking, which I think will cause me to take a day off from jelqing so my member can rest a little bit today.

So I guess manual jelqing is where it’s at, huh? I’m gonna keep this up for a few more weeks, then take measurements and hopefully see some real progress this time around.

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