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red spots, sometimes purple on the head- good or bad?

red spots, sometimes purple on the head- good or bad?

I may have asked this question before but I didnt really get an answer to it: Do most people who achieve gains, especially girth gains, excercise to the point of getting spotting on the penis each workout? I want to know if I am overdoing it, as I often get red spots on the shaft, and sometimes purple spots on the head. (The purple head spots take longer to go away)

Any input would be appreciated.

(I have gotten no girth gains and possibly slight length gains, but these small gains could be due to mismeasurement. I am primarily interested in girth.)



Yes. As long as they’re no bigger than a needle head then your ok, but if they are like blood blisters then take a few days off. Small spotting is normal, but sometime’s an indication that you need more warm-up time.

Hey bogava,

Check these old links for info on your spots and other guy’s experiences with spotting.


I don’t know how much this goes in to the “gaining” aspect of your post. Myself, I didn’t have much problem with spots other than when I was a newbie or if I started a new exercise too intensely. I do know that some use spots as a sort of a gauge of a good workout.

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