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Red spots on shaft...not head

Red spots on shaft...not head

I am sure nothing is wrong but just want to make sure. I did a couple of 15 second Horse Squeezes this morning and noticed this afternoon that I had little red spots on the shaft. I have never heard of them on the shaft. Is this because of the horses?

I too have experienced the same phenomena you have described, while doing Horse Squeezes. I believe that it is the result of the intenseness of the exercise.

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The only red spots i ever got where on the shaft, never the head, mine always went away within a day of two , if they dont go away take a day or two off girth exercises including the jelq but stretching should be okay.


I earned a small one (bigger than a dot though) on the underside of my shaft just from jelqing. I figured it would fade even if I jelqed some more but it started changing colors like it was bleeding internally and it scared me so I took 2 days off and it was gone. *whew*

Red spots

Common occurance. On both head and shaft, although the spots on the shaft tend to be little bigger. They disappear rapidly.

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