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Red spots in relation to time off

Red spots in relation to time off

I’ve been jelqing for quite a while now. I’ve had moderate success, I think about 1/4 inch increase in girth in a couple of months. Ever since I started, I would often get red spots. Usually near the end of a jelqing set. Not too many, maybe like 10 or so. They would always go away.

At one point, maybe 1 1/2 months ago, I had to take about 4 or 5 days off from jelqing. When I started back again, I noticed that the red spots came quicker than before. They would start about half way through the set, and by the time I was finished, there would be quite a few more than before. It was as if, in those days I took off, my penis, instead of getting stronger, decided it would get weaker.

Now, unfortunately(and stupidly, considering what I observed the first time), I was forced to take another couple of days off last week. Sure enough, when I started again, the spots come even QUICKER now. And there’s a ton of them. I’ve had to cut down from 100 to just 40 or so jelqs, because the spotting comes on so quickly and there’s so many of them.

Anyone know how to remedy this? I’m thinking a nice long break from jelqing(maybe a month or so?). Does anyone know the reason this occurs? It seems counter-intuitive to me; during those rest periods, the penis should have gotten stronger, thus becoming more resistant to spots. Instead, it does exactly the opposite, which is pretty perplexing to me.

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I’m searching for this answer also. I have found many threads about spots on the head but none about spots on the shaft. I’m curious as to why it happens also.

Originally Posted by Comp1234
I’m searching for this answer also. I have found many threads about spots on the head but none about spots on the shaft. I’m curious as to why it happens also.

I get spots on the shaft too and they’re just like the ones on the shaft.

I get them only after intense jelqing and they go away after a day or two though… Cucumber King, maybe you could use some VitaK cream? Just to see how it goes.

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This is normal if you are taking time off. I have a question, do you warm up? If I have had any time off (3-4 days) I tend to get the spots. Of course they are broken blood vessels. Be sure to warm up for at least 5 min. I have found that it helps. As for after they appear, I use a cream that is for bruises and veracious veins. It works great for me. It usually makes them go away in a day and a half. Your Unit will get tougher and be less likely to get the spots if you are jelqing on a regular basis.

The cream is called Vita-K Solution. I found it at the local Pharmacy. I hope that it works for you. Let me know if you find other things that work.

I took a couple of weeks off from PE while on holiday. When I got back I had a fairly gentle jelq. I had my eyes closed for a while, and when I opened them, it looked like I’d ‘done a ‘ru’ and slammed my penis in a draw!

They went away quickly, but I’m getting them far more easily than ever before; even light PE is tough at the moment. I’ve had decon breaks but this has never happened before. I’m putting it down to doing far too much drinking and smoking on holiday. Usually I keep myself very fit.

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